Hi, welcome to AEQUILL Wellness

We are a site dedicated to shutting out the noise with simple luxuries made for complex lives.

Aequill was founded on the belief that wellness is for everyone and that everyone has a part to play in enriching the lives of others around us. This is what fuels us.

We make products to help you create the space for wellness in your mind and in your home. Our blog Mind Food provides free content to get you inspired towards to your own wellness goals, capturing stories from real people as well as experts from around the world.

Why do we do this? We believe that wellbeing is the key to powering people to live their best and most beautiful kind living.


Aequill was created by Jintana Khieochuam. Born in Thailand, she moved to London with her mother who owned a beauty therapy practice. From an early age Jintana was surrounded by precious oils where she began to learn of their powerful therapeutic properties.

Her obsession with candles and her childhood memory of playing with essential oils is brought together in the most therapeutic way she knows – the light of a candle.