You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

This month I want to explore the power of passion and how it can take you places that you’ve never been before. 

I love talking about what I do. If you know me than I am afraid you’ll not be able to avoid it. However I am fortunate to have some truly special friends around me who supports me and are able to lend their ear anytime of day. Not to mention any names but – Farid, Jessie, Mark, Nimita, Andy. You super heros! And I am sorry for my late night phone calls and stupid outlandish demands all in the name of trying to create wellbeing and balance! Hahaha

Passion is a funny thing and makes you make decisions that doesn’t make sense. Like investing all your life’s saving in a project that might not succeed or turning down a dream job that would set you up forever on your career ladder. Yes, it could possibly be pure madness. Like that of Wonderland, mad as a hatter.

Jintana Khieochaum