Calming candles and scent for relaxation and stress relief

Calming Candles

Lavender & Marjoram Scent

Best for relaxing, sedating and soothing mind and body

Night time is a very peaceful time for most of us. Most adults have a nighttime routine that aids an extremely relaxing, tranquil time of day. After our busy days that are filled with work, deadlines, children, pets, stress, full London tubes and rush hour, we all deserve to grasp the opportunity to unwind in the evenings.

Our Lavender & Marjoram candle has a calming blend which marries lavender with sweet, herbaceous Marjoram and the delicacy of Neroli. Aromatic and soothing, this fragrance has a calm sedating effect on mind and body.

Perfect for stress relieving, simply light this aromatherapy candle to completely unwind into relaxation. Our scented candle harvests the wonderful calming properties of Lavender essential oil, one of the most popular and versatile oils used in aromatherapy. Distilled from the plant Lavandula Angustifolia, this essential oil promotes relaxation and believed to treat anxiety, allergies and insomnia.

This candle is perfect for those seeking tranquility at the end of day, and essential for those looking to unwind before bed.

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Lemon & Geranium Scent

Our best scented candle to uplift, refresh and calm

We now know which candles are best for night and evening times, but which candles should you be using throughout the day to help you stay calm and uplift moods?

Those days we spend time at home with our families, friends, cleaning, working from home or having a sofa Sunday - these days just aren’t complete without a beautiful candle burning in the background.

Our Lemon and Geranium aromatherapy candle is one of our most popular. This fresh, romantic candle presents lively lemon, lavender, rosemary with the intense florals of rose geranium. Designed to uplift, this fresh scent energises with a musky undertone at any time of day. Our candle is particularly gorgeous at dinner parties or when you’re soaking in the bath.

Black Pepper Scent

Warm, cosy and positive scent notes

Gifting is the most special way to use candles and scents. The gift of giving is rewarding and self balancing, as well as magical to those receiving.

We love to encourage gifting as we want as many people of possible to discover the power of scent and giving joy and happiness. Our candles are full of essential oils to change and uplift mood, making them a great way to spread joy through fragrances.

Our black pepper aromatherapy candle is stimulating and sultry with a woody herbaceous undertone. This is a surprisingly sophisticated candle. Black pepper essential oil is known to enhance focus and positivity while pink pepper essential oil is charming, sweet and calming. This combination of spicy and woody notes are brought together to create an aroma that is warm, cosy and relaxing.

Juniper Berry & Cedarwood Scent

Woody, invigorating and calming

Our juniper berry & cedarwood candle makes a great candle for gifting. This fragrance is fresh, crisp and woody and combines bright and balsamic Juniper Berry with grounding Cedarwood Atlas. A calming and sweet ambiance reminiscent of the forest emanates in this candle to restore the senses. We recommend this as the perfect candle to burn whilst listening to the rain outside your window.

All our candles are gifted and wrapped in a bow and are perfect for any occasion and any gift.

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Grapefruit & Vetiver

Sweet Citrus, Earthy with Spicy undertone

Our Grapefruit & Vetiver candle is perfect for balance. The deep and intense citrus candle combines sparkling grapefruit with the earthy richness of vetiver. Vetiver is known to promote tranquility, yet grapefruit is tangy and vibrant, making this fragrance extremely well balanced. Use this candle to freshen and balance your home. 

Jasmine Scent

Floral rich, indulgent and luxurious

All our aromatherapy candles are made with 100% pure essential oil blend. We do this to maintain the upmost quality in our candles. We use a balance of  art and science in our product development using both natural materials and mineral-soy wax blend to ensures a long lasting burn and strong scent throw.

Our Jasmine candle is deep and luxurious. This candle combines the delicate sensuality of jasmine with heavy and exotic ylang ylang and fruity tones of sweet orange.

This fragrance is universally loved, Jasmine paired with sweet and fruit undertones promotes the dissolution of emotional barriers and encourages intimacy. A luxury candle for those seeking to strengthen emotional and spiritual bonds.

Rose Scent

Romantic, sweet and woody

If you’re looking for something a little different, while maintaining the spiritual and mood elements, then our Rose candle is for you. Delicately feminine rose absolute, neroli and geranium are elegantly balance by sweet Rosewood and finished with the soft citrus of red mandarin. Composted as a gentle woody floral, this blend encourages nurture, self love and emotional wellbeing. This candle is perfect to produce an atmosphere of calm self-reflection.

In-house fragrances

Aequill designs fragrances to spread joy

Balance is extremely important to us at Aequill. In fact, our name stems from the Latin meaning of equilibrium, which means “balance”.

As well as being an important factor in our mission, balance is also how we make and manage the quality of our candles and other products. We balance art & science, nature & quality in order to create the very best products that we can.

Mum's Aromatherapy Shop Home Fragrance Range

Our first range of scents was created to relax and reduce the stress of the everyday. At Aequill we always focus on quality over everything. Here are some reasons why you'll love our aromatherapy scented candles:

  • 100% pure natural essential oil blend to promote relaxation and calm at home
  • In-house original fragrance blend
  • Hand poured in-house
  • 250g mineral-soy wax blend, selected for exceptional hot and cold scent throw
  • Specially selected cotton wicks to provide a long burn and minimal sooting
  • Upto 60 hours burn time

We also focus on being ethically minded, and that’s why all our packaging is plastic free and we use glasses as our container which can be infinitely recycled and easy to reuse.

If we haven’t given you enough reasons already why Aequill provide the best candles - then check out our social media and website, links below.