Stay In The Fight With The Benefits Of Ginger Fighter Shots

I love ginger and believe in its health benefits so strongly, that I decided to create a juice shot business with ginger as the star ingredient!

Over the past year, Fighter Shots has been making 35% cold-pressed organic ginger juice shots here in the UK. More recently, we have introduced ginger collagen and ginger turmeric flavours, which have been a hit with our customers.

I chose ginger as the base of all Fighter Shots because it a superfood that has been used around the world for thousands of years. Ginger has many curative uses. It contains a high dose of vitamin C and other nutrients, which fight fevers and cold symptoms and strengthen the immune system. I also consume ginger regularly because it promotes better nutrient absorption and a range of other health benefits.

A few years ago, I experimented in my kitchen with my friend to concoct the best recipe for our shots. This was a fun process and involved finding the perfect balance between ginger and other natural ingredients, such as zesty lemon and honey. I knew the shots would be well-received given ginger’s unique and palatable flavour profile. Ginger balances well with other ingredients in high concentrations, which means the proven health benefits are easy to attain. I personally enjoy the heart-warming effect of while drinking the fiery ginger shots.

I always had a taste for the warm, spicy taste of ginger. From a young age, my Polish family would be sure to include fresh ginger in our cooking to add a rich depth of flavour and boost our immunity against diseases. Ginger really is a very versatile ingredient. I enjoy the mellow taste and warm, woody flavour that ginger brings to slow-cooked dishes, and the sharper taste and aroma that cuts through more in soups and ginger pickle.

I also love it in baking! Ginger snaps are one of my favourites. The crispness of ginger takes my mind back to Christmas time, where my family and I would often eat scrumptious Polish gingerbread (pierniczki) and make gingerbread men using traditional gingerbread recipes. Cinnamon, another favourite spice of mine, complements ginger very well in such recipes, which is what drove me to include it in our new ginger turmeric shot recipe.

In our increasingly busy lives, a more convenient way to get a daily ginger dose is highly sought after. I have found drinking ginger to be one of the easiest and healthiest options. Ginger drinks can take many forms, such as macrobiotic drinks like African ginger beer and various ginger ales. With a goal of health and immunity boosting, I created the Fighter Shots blend with inspiration from ginger infusion (lemongrass ginger tea and honey lemon ginger tea).

When coming up with the recipe I strove to give Fighter Shots a more full-bodied flavour and zest than these traditional teas. The natural honey in Fighter Shots satisfies my sweet-tooth without resorting to processed sugars. The lemon juice reinforces the curative properties of the ginger shot while naturally preserving it and adding that extra kick.

The energy boost from the shots is a great way to start off my day, especially since I am truly not a morning person! Fighter Shots have been a delicious substitute for coffee. Given my busy lifestyle, it has been very convenient to just open my fridge, spin off the cap, drink a shot and kickstart a productive day. Imagine having to peel a ginger root every morning just to get your daily vitamins and other nutrients! If I have a particularly busy schedule ahead, I tend to take some extra ginger shots with me on the go to keep me refreshed and recharged ‘round the clock.

Incorporating Fighter Shots into my morning routine, I feel much clearer-headed and energised each day than I used to. As an added bonus, I attribute healthier and glowing skin to the ginger collagen shots. I also cannot remember the last time I got sick! Drinking ginger has given me more confidence that I will be strong in the face of diseases like coronavirus, since I have been backing up my immune system by absorbing the ginger shot benefits.

I seriously encourage everyone to start consuming more ginger. It really is worth it for your health and can add a great taste to any dish or drink. Fighter Shots are an excellent way to do this. They are vibrant and full of flavour, easy to store and transport, and are a much higher potency than comparable drinks on the market.
Drink and be better with Fighter Shots!
Anna Szymanowska
Founder of Fighter Shots
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Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash