How To Add Character To Your Living Room

Have you ever thought how closely our well-being is linked to the surrounding interior ambiance? And some places make us feel anxious and uncomfortable while others bring us a feeling of safety, harmony and coziness? Indeed, interior design and psychology  go hand-in-hand.

Without noticing that, interior design influences our subconsciousness daily, affecting our mood and provoking a full spectrum of feelings. It's all about our natural perception and five senses. In terms of surroundings, we perceive things mainly through vision, touch and smell.

Additionally, our perfect living space has to reflect our personality. Considering all of these psychological aspects, rightly combining them, you can create  a unique, ideal personal space and bring happiness into your home.

Using key perceptual senses, we tried to create eight unique design ambiances. Pick the one you like and create your ideal living space with Pepper Sq and sophisticated home fragrance from AEQUILL.

Bold Grunge

Do you like standing out from the crowd? And you like combining incompatible things? You might like grunge vibes. It's all about creative, unusual approach, elegant negligence and classy antique furniture pieces in combination with modern practicality. The main features are simplicity and brevity, sofas and sideboards classy and smooth lines, natural and raw material rugs and lights as well as notes of incompletion like stone floor or concrete walls.

1.Hoxton Corner Sofa, Left Hand£1769
2. Versailles Coffee Table, Beige £319
3. Black Pepper Positivity Scented Candle £36
4. Destin Cowhide Patwork Rug £1499
5. Black Pepper Perfume Room Fragrance £39
6. Doppio Tall Sideboard £1999
7. Madrid Cane Armchair £369

To fully complete the ambience, add Black Pepper Positivity scented candle. The woody and smoky blend created from botanical essential oils of Black Pepper, Vetiver, Pine Needle and Pink Peppercorn will refresh the space and make it more masculine.

Lavender Elegance

Lavender and light blue colours have a slightly feminine touch. They symbolise gracefulness, elegance, calmness and youthfulness. Lavender living room furniture in light natural wood in combination with beige and cream-coloured accessories adds tender feeling to modern interior decorating.



  1. Lavender & Marjoram Calming Scented Candle£36
  2. Hugo Corner Sofa, Linen Right Hand, Sky Blue £1689
  3. Hugo Footstool, Linen, Sky Blue £299
  4. Mario Cotton Rug, 160X230 cm £529
  5. Arc Window Pane Mirror, Grey £359
  6.  Capucine Large Chest of Drawers £759
  7. Lucien Dining Chair, 2PCS, Cane Back & Seat, Milky Walnut £359

Accompanying by Lavender & Marjoram scented candle, it will create relaxing and pleasant vibes, ideal for bedroom and living room designs.  

Simplicity with Attitude

Are you into simplicity but at the same time like standing out? Why not  bring energising and harmonious vibe at the same time to your home?

Let's combine contemporary Scandinavian style with bright elements. Use vivid shades for making an accent on a particular piece. For example, bright-coloured sofa can be used complimenting light walls and floor covering. Glossy surfaces will also reflect the natural light instead of absorbing it by which space will look shinier and lighter. Unusual shapes of decorations such as floor lamps and pendants will become a sophisticated interior detail, making the area more unique and exciting.

  1. Smykke Pendant £309
  2. Hugo 3 Seater Sofa-Bed, Velvet, Summer Fig £1599
  3. Grapefruit & Vetiver Grounding Scented Candle £36
  4. Raul Wool Rug, 160x230cm, Green Multi £709
  5. Versailles Cupboard 185cm, Brown £1099

Introducing to the interior Grapefruit and Vetiver scented candle will also quieten and still your mind.

Harmonious Modern Retro

Are you looking for a comforting, cozy ambiance that brings you feeling secure and satisfied? Why not come back to the 60s and introduce to a modern look a few notes of retro and make it fresh and crisp? Functional convenient furniture, clear lines, sofas and rugs in bright natural colours like sky-blue or turquoise will help you to restore a balanced mind.

  1. Royce Pendant Lamp, Matt Black / White Ball / Smoked Glass£413
  2. Erte 2 Seater Sofa, Linen £1699
  3. Juniperberry & Cedarwood Restoring Scented Candle £36
  4. Mayfair Wool Rug, 80x150cm, Aqua Blue £129
  5.  Moli Chest of Drawers, Marble-effect Top, Smoked Oak £1329
  6. Moli 2-drawer Bedside Table £339

Combining with fragrance gently scented with Juppiter Berry & Cedarwood, it will tune you in relaxing meditating mood.

Rose Tenderness

Romantic vibes make us feel relaxed and delighted. When you want to bring that into your home you have to carefully balance and match all sensual aspects. Visually don't make the surroundings too overloaded. Minimalistic environments accomplished by cute accessories such as candles, paintings and flowerpots will create a calming vibe.

  1. Cranmer Opal Globe Table Lamp, Brass£399
  2. Elgin Rug 160x230cm £199
  3. Rose Nurturing Perfume Room Fragrance £39
  4. Rose Nurturing Scented Candle £36
  5. Salinas Pendant Lamp 35cm x 30cm £319
  6. Bloomsbury Armchair & Footstool £959

Touch is another essential aspect. Prefer natural materials that have a visible texture such as wood, leather and ceramics. In terms of colours, combine light, natural shades, such as light pink. It will add tenderness to your space.

Finally, introduce Rose fragrance. The blend of a woody floral rose with lifts of musky geranium and top notes of mandarin will be associated with love and powers of the heart.

Vivid Brevity

Why not create a space that can boost energising feeling? Using the most warm colours such as yellow or orange you can add to your interior positivity, freshness, uniqueness and the most importantly - energising and optimistic feelings.


  1. Lemon & Geranium Uplifting Scented Candle £36
  2. Horizon Pendant Lamp 36cm £296 Horizon Pendant Lamp 29cm £180
  3. Lounge Retro Chrome Floor Lamp £269
  4. Hugo 2 Seater Sofa, Velvet, Yellow £999
  5. Yeux Rug 200x300cm £289
  6. Shanghai Side Table, Beige £409

Introducing Lemon & Geranium scent candle to your interior will also add fresh hints that influence your mood and make it more uplifting and relaxing.

Queen of The Night

Are you more into an elegant design with Art Deco notes?

Feel free to combine straight and zigzag lines with simple geometric shapes, creating rhythmic interior compositions.

Use furniture in bright contrasting colours, glossy or reflective finish of coffee and side tables, mix natural materials such as wood with different metals.

  1. Patron Gold Disc Wall Light£299
  2. Elodie Armchair, Light Blue £569
  3. Cohvee Side Table £349
  4. Horizon Pendant 36cm £296 Horizon Pendant 29cm, Blue £179 Rowan Crystal Pendant Lamp , 28cm, Silver £319 Rowan Crystal Pendant Lamp, 15.5cm £169
  5. Hugo Velvet 3-Seater Sofa, Yellow £1499
  6. Jasmine Sensual Perfume Room Fragrance £39

To accomplish the design, introduce to space the home fragrance "Queen of the Night". The rich blend of Jasmine helps enhance relaxation and boosts your mood. Everything you need for a stress-free body, mind and soul.

The ambiance will increase sensuality and make the living space more sophisticated.

Contemporary Yappie

Are you living in a big city and having busy rash lifestyle? Are you into contemporary movements and simple design?

The ambiance has to match to your lifestyle and helps you to relax after a hard working day and promote restful sleep and cooling effects of the mind and body.


  1. Versailles Cabinet £979
  2. Orange & Ylang Ylang Soothing Scented Candle £36
  3. Wels Round Painted Dining Table 80cm £349
  4. Antwerp Bentwood Cafe Chairs, 2PCS, Painted, Grey £289
  5. Sumo Globe Floor Lamp Brass, Brass £359
  6. Janson Wide Armchair, Linen, White £809
  7. Geom Wool Rug, 120X170 cm £229

Create a minimal, Scandinavian living space by eclectic interiors, practical materials, space-saving furniture, clear lines and neutral colours.

As a final detail introduce to your home Orange & Ylang Ylang blend, scented with perfect balance of energising citrus and relaxing lavender as well as bergamot to lift the scent giving it a wonderful soft and sweetness.



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