Christmas Gift Ideas For Her | Your Ultimate Gift Guide For Christmas 2020

With Christmas less than a month away a lot of us are already worrying over how to decorate the house, what to make for dinner, who to invite or what presents to give. And, to be completely honest with you, coming up with Christmas gift ideas is not always easy; specially when shopping for women: the gift needs to be thoughtful and not impersonal, deliberate yet effortless, unique without being edgy or risqué; touching without being too intimate...

What a handful! That is why we want to lend you a hand and help you through a list filled with luxury gift for her that are thoughtful, effortless and adequate for any special lady in your life: from your mother, to your wife, to your younger sister or best friend. They are also very reasonably priced so you don't have to burn a hole through your pocket trying to find a gift that shows how much she means for you, either! Let's get started:

Frederic Malle Perfume | Dries Van Norton by Bruno Jovanovic

Christmas Gift Ideas | Frederic Malle
Shop at Liberty | £210

Perfumes are always a popular Christmas gift idea, and this year's most popular one is Dries Van Norton For Frederic Malle! If your lady loves smelling good, she will definitely love this warm, wintery, cozy perfume: with a mélange of warm smells such as bergamot, vanilla and white musk this perfume smells how a cup of tea by the fire on a Winter day feels: cozy, reassuring and heartwarming.

Jasmin Scented Candle By AEQUILL

Jasmine Scented Candle

Buy online from | £36

Everyone loves scented candles and who doesn’t want their homes to smell good. It is a fact of life that a good candles can perfume an entire room while adorning it too. If you know your lady loves oriental, sensual, delicate scents then this lovely Jasmine scented candle by the up and by AEQUILL will put a smile on her face.

Sheepskin Slippers by Catherine Tough

Christmas Gifts For Her

Purchase directly at Catherine Tough | £56

Slippers: the gift we loathed when we were kids, our favourite in adulthood. This lambs wool and sheepskin slippers are not only an absolute pair of lookers, but they are a thoughtful gift for the girl that is always cold or the one that spends long hours working on her feet: as warm and comfortable as you can get! This is the ultimate Christmas gift for idea for those who love simple comforts at home.

SLEEPER Feather-trimmed Crepe de Chine Pajama Set

2020 Present Ideas

Buy online from Net-a-Porter | £262

More and more people are opting to have pajama parties during Christmas morning: sitting in a comfortable pajama, sipping hot chocolate while opening your gifts, what's not to love? This set of pajama is just too fancy to be confined to the bedroom, and it makes the perfect gift for a fashionable girl that loves Christmas morning pajama parties.

Shady Flex in blue mirror by Christianah Jones 

2020 Gift List

Buy direct from Christianah Jones | | £72

Sunglasses: the gift of choice for people that are both practical and stylish. Protection for your eyes and accessory for your look at the same time, this beautiful sunglasses will turn any outfit into an absolute look worthy of Instagram.

Leather Shoulder Bag | Basket Mini By Carv


Purchase from Carv | £225

Shoulder bags are yet another gift that is practical and stylish: they carry your belongings while accesorising your outfit. If you know your girl enjoys bags or fashion this sturdy, high quality leather bag is an amazing piece you can never go wrong with

Large Oak Chopping Board by Jamie Gaunt 

Jamie Gaunt

Buy direct from Jamie Gaunt | £90

Few things are more pleasing to the person that loves to cook than good, high quality, long lasting cooking utensils: this chopping board is organic, making it excellent for cooking safely; and it is not only large, but also really sturdy and useful: it will last you a lifetime if well cared for. It might seem a little bit impersonal, but if your woman loves to cook it will definitely be well received!

Amazon Touch Echo

 Christmas Gift Ideas

Buy online at Amazon | £59.99

Everybody has heard of Alexa and its wonders by now: this little bedside table clock will not only tell you what time is it and wake you up with its alarm; but also how cold it is outside, if it will rain or not, play your favourite songs and even call your local pizza joint for you if you are in the mood for delivery.

Grapefruit & Vetiver Room Perfume By AEQUILL

Grapefruit & Vetiver

Shop at | £39

Room scents are just as popular as candles when it comes to keeping your house smelling good, and this grapefruit and vetiver scent by Aequill will definitely make an impression with those who smell it! Fresh and fruity, this room scent is absolutely perfect for people that love perky, cheery and bright scents to adorn the home

Rouge Coco Lipstick By Chanel

Christmas Red Lipstick

Find it at Feel Unique | £31

A shade of red for every occasion, a girl can never wear enough red during Christmas. If you know your girl loves the glamour of a red lip stick, then she'll  need our favourite red from Rouge Coco Flash. Pick from 23 various shades you’ll be sure to find a colour that suits her.



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