Why Home Fragrance Is Essential To Interior Design

Interior design is almost an art, and the goal of art is to evocate feelings. To best evocate a feeling, a combination of techniques should be used, and to make it intense, powerful and raw you must engage all the 5 senses: hearing, vision, smell and touch. If all the details include home fragrances and scent when creating and envisioning the decoration of a room, that is when the room reaches its full potential.

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Studies have demonstrated that we rely a lot on smell when it comes to remembering cherished memories, details and that a particular scent can strongly make us experience feelings and change our state of mind: not only by bringing back a memory we experienced when smelling a particular scent, but also by altering our particular mood: warm, cozy scents such as vanilla or wood from scented candles can make us feel happy, comfortable and at ease; fresh and flowery scents such as a bouquet of flowers from room sprays can make us feel energized and happy; while citric scents in room diffusers can make us feel cheery.

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Therefore, a particular scent has the power of creating a different mood and tying the decor of a room together, and it is an important piece of the puzzle that shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to interior design and decoration.

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All our scented candles, room sprays and reed diffusers are powered by 100% essentials so they are as close to nature as possible to ensure that our scent can offer optimum mood boosting properties.

How smell can help create a mood

Studies on smell show that this particular sense ties very intimately to the limbic system, one of the most "primal" and "raw" systems of our body. By activating the limbic system, they also activate the region where feelings, emotions and memories are stored, which helps trigger an emotional reaction. When the subjects of a study in scent were administered pleasant, nice smells despite being told they couldn't smell anything, their mood significantly increased. These findings have spurred a lot of interest in the subject and they gave birth to the area of "aromatherapy": treating different conditions through scents.

How to improve your decor through scent

When considering how to make the interior design of your rooms harmonic and beautiful, you must consider how smell might play a part on it and how it might compliment, or clash, with the theme of the room. If you are choosing every piece of furniture to match with each other and create a particular look; you should also match your home scent of every room to this look! You’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of home fragrances ranges on offer. Choose from the majorly decorative scented candles, chicly minimalist bottle room spays and now a variety of finishing for reed diffusers. There are plenty of designs to suit your style.

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 While matching scents to every room can seem a little bit challenging, and keeping the entirety of the house with a scent that matches its look can need a lot of planning and strategizing, it is not impossible. Just keep in mind the overall look of the room and its purpose, and you will definitely come up with associations and scents to match: for the kitchen bright and energizing Room diffusers that open your appetite are nice, so perhaps consider using citric scents such as mandarins, lemon or grapefruit. Likewise, a room should be relaxing, comfortable and conductive to good sleep: relaxing scented candles such as chamomile, lavender or fresh linen are excellent to create a cozy and relaxing mood.

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How to find the best scents?

If you want your room to look and smell perfect you need a reliable company that produces a range of fragrance for room that are not too overpowering yet not too subtle, that smell just right and that have a long lasting scent that won't leave after a couple of minutes. We created our company with this goal in mind: to create fragrances that can help lift your spirits up and enhance a particular mood when it comes to interior design.

We are a small independent brand of candle and fragrance artisans that put a lot of love and care in our scents: we want to create "scent portraits" that evocate a story and a particular feeling. In our first range, called Mum's Aromatherapy Shop, we use only 100% essential oils to help you create that spa, cozy feeling that is as close to nature as possible.

If you also enjoy keeping your house lovely and fragrant, stay with us as we develop new scents that will tug at your heartstrings and help you create beautiful memories!

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