Spring scents | our tips for selecting your spring time fragrances

springtime blossom tree blooming

There's something truly delightful about the emergence of spring time: the ebbing away of the cool, dark winter days, the shedding of heavy coats, the transition into the warm, sunnier days which precede the summer season. Spring promises new beginnings, fresh starts, and, with it, a cacophony of uplifting scent.

Why do I need a new spring perfume?

Now that the days are getting so much lighter and brighter, and with so many sumptuous floral notes in the air as spring blooms around us, it's natural to start feeling as though your go-to winter fragrances are simply too heavy for these warmer days, and could be set aside in lieu of light spring scents which better suit the new season. 

That's why, with this simple guide to springtime fragrances, we'll be sharing some of our quintessential tips to selecting the best spring perfumes for you, so you can update your perfume wardrobe with a brand new scent.

Selecting the perfect spring perfume is all in the notes

If you've read our blog post on Perfume Notes and the Fragrance Pyramid or are a long-time perfume conoisseur, you'll already be aware of the importance of notes in perfumery, and how top, heart, and base notes all interact to create a perfume or fragrance. That's why, generally when you're first looking for any new scent, you're going to want to consider which kinds of fragrances you tend to favour, and which notes particularly resonate with you.

Finding the perfect scent is deeply personal, so there's no right or wrong way to select the best notes - or spring perfume - for yourself. 

Once you've settled on the notes that you love, you'll find it much easier to get an idea of which scents might just be best for you.

springtime flowers, daffodils and bluebells

Which are the best fragrances for spring?

When it comes to springtime fragrances, there are lots of stunning options to choose from which really resonate with the core scents of spring; the most important aspect of selecting yours is to really consider the emotive and olfactory benefits of each. We've listed out some of our personal favourites below, just to get you thinking about what you really love.

Naturally, spring is synonymous with a feeling of renewal, with refreshing after a cold, dark winter, and for this reason, citrus perfumes and scents are a very popular choice for this time of year; if you're craving an uplifting, bright burst of scent, look for fragrances like orange blossom and bergamot. Citrus perfumes can be very mood elevating, so they're a great start to the new season.

If the emergence of beautiful blooms and the promise of flowers is the thing you most love about springtime, you might just want to reach for romantic floral scents, like jasmine sambac or cherry blossoms, which offer a light fragrance which can be layered for a more rich scent.

Spring is, of course, an incredibly playful time of year, with the brighter, longer days offering a whole new realm of possibility, which is why lots of us lean towards fruity notes, like red berries or pear, as a scent of choice at this time of year.

If keeping your spring perfumes light and subtle is something you're conscious of, you might just want to opt for a sweet fragrance with vanilla or honey; this is especially true if you're a fan of experimenting with how you layer your perfume of choice, as sweet scents in lighter layers can create some truly stunning combinations with citrus, floral, or fruity notes.

spring and uplifting citrus scents
Work your spring perfume options into your routine

Once you've got an idea of the springtime fragrances you think you're going to love, we'd recommend selecting one or two to try as part of your daily routine - this works especially well if you're able to get smaller sizes of the options you're considering! The reason this is such an effective way to really get a feel for the perfect scent is simply because you'll be able to see how wearable your new spring perfume is when it's layered with the rest of your products, as well as how long it lasts on your skin.

We hope you've found this insight into how to select the best spring scent for the new season both informative and helpful. Don't forget that Aequill are launching our first perfume range just in time for Spring 2022, so do stay tuned to our blog and social channels if you're excited to see just what we'll be offering...!