Reed Diffusers: Gentle Atmospheric Fragrance

Our reed diffusers immerse you in a steady flow of your favourite fragrance throughout the day. A gentle aroma drifting towards you when you least expect it is enough to instantly lift your mood and give meaning to your day.
By spreading our reed diffusers around the rooms in your house, you will discover a new scent environment wherever you are in your home. Our reed diffusers work wonderfully in every room.

Take our Lavender & Marjoram, this reed diffuser works wonderfully in the bathroom, and brings slow tranquility to the bedroom. A soothing blend of Lavender, Herbaceous Marjoram and delicate Neroli, this fragrance has a sedating effect on mind and body and is delicate enough to live with.

Staying with the bedroom, choose rose. Soft and sweet, this scent is an ideal choice for the bedroom or any other space you wish to fill with harmonious calm. Utilising the balancing properties of Rose Geranium, refreshing Mandarin and soothing Neroli, Rose and Rosewood gently emerge and transport us to a place of peaceful self-reflection. If you wanted to try something a little more sensual, then our Jasmine diffuser works beautifully. Jasmine is our most complex scent and perfectly suited to the bedroom or any other space you wish to welcome a luxurious sensuality into.

scented reed diffusers

 Our reed diffusers also work in each and every season. As we move slowly but surely into autumn, you might want to consider our Black Pepper diffuser. This sultry and sophisticated fragrance has the ability to melt seamlessly into the backdrop whilst bringing an atmosphere of warmth and positivity. A few whiffs of this scent encourages focus without being overwhelming, thanks to the sweetness of pink pepper and grassy tranquility of vetiver. A great all-rounder. Place anywhere in the home.

However, if you’re still hanging onto summer (aren’t we all) then try our Lemon & Geranium. A bright and energising addition to your home, this Lemon and Geranium reed diffuser is a balance of bright citrus with musky floral undertones. The Lemon cuts beautifully through the air whilst Rose Geranium exudes a gorgeous and sultry aura. A wonderful fragrance for the kitchen, bathroom, or busy communal areas.

Our reed diffusers also work with mood and emotions. We recommend using our reed diffusers to change your mood and scent environment. Our Juniper Berry and Cedarwood reed diffuser is key. Traditionally used to aid meditation, Cedarwood creates a grounded and woody atmosphere whilst Juniper Berry provides a fresh sweetness. This is a gorgeous fragrance that compliments the quieter areas of the home.

Our Grapefruit & Vetiver diffuser is also great at changing mood and your scent environment. Reminiscent of a dewy morning, this fragrance combines grassy Vetiver and tangy Grapefruit to create a vibrant yet tranquil atmosphere. Balanced and sophisticated, it brings a fresh tranquility which also works exceptionally well in the kitchen, but is comfortable anywhere in the home.

Our reed diffusers are the perfect choice for slow scent diffusion throughout the home. Using a blend of pure essential oils and perfumer’s alcohol, the fragrance is gently released via wooden reeds for subtle and long-lasting effect. Housed in a heavy amber glass with a black wooden top and reeds, the object has a timeless and sophisticated quality that will compliment any home and is subdued enough to pleasantly surprise you with occasional whiffs of delicate fragrance.