Cultivating healthy love | Five ways vulnerability can be your super-power


In a world where female presence is just starting to be identified for its truest value, it can be confusing to know how to define our strength. We want to show the world we can, and we will! But sometimes it’s hard to know when the strength counts as resilience, or something else entirely.

Do you remember the last time you spoke openly about how you’re feeling about life? Not what is happening in your life - but how it’s really making you feel? It can be confusing to know when to show the world our strong arm, while remaining who we truly feel we are.

Is there still a space for us to be vulnerable as the strong women we are - and if so, how do we go about sharing it with those we care about?

Here are five important ways that vulnerability can be your personal source of super-power;

  • Open yourselves to vulnerability. To love is to be vulnerable. Being open with another person implicates letting go of control - no easy feat. But it is integral to the process of connection. Free yourself, and welcome the experiences that doing so will bring.
  • Offer up your discomfort. We all have silly decisions we have made and choices we look back on less than proudly! But there is rich opportunity for common ground to be found between us this way. Create space and time to do so, away from the decibels of busy schedules and mindless technology. You’ll be amazed at what you might discover.
  • Widen your reach. In a culture flooded with newsfeeds and screen-based updates, it can be easy to forget that someone may be paying more attention to our stories and experiences than we realise. Whether it’s a filter-free photograph or a caption that says it all, you can never really know what effect you might have upon another person’s life or experience. The fact you are reading this article now shows your belief in the power of shared voices - consider sharing your own, and you might connect in ways you never expected.
  • Discover your limits. By sharing your vulnerabilities with another person you create an opportunity to truly feel the edges of your boundaries. Move gently but confidently as you experiment, and stay mindful of the wellbeing of yourself and the person you are sharing it all with.
  • Cultivate joy. Vulnerability is a gift when shared. As much as we can grow and learn from our experience of sharing who and how we really are with someone, we can benefit just as much when the same is entrusted to us. It can feel really empowering to realise someone feels able to be open with us, and it is an incredible source of bonding also. 

Shedding light on the areas of your life you hide away in darkness certainly isn’t easy!

But you are a person worth getting to know, for all of who you are.

Step into the light - your closest relationships are waiting for you there.


Helen Victoria Relationship expert & writer

Helen Victoria - Relationship expert & writer

Photo by 
Andrii Podilnyk on Unsplash