How to create positive energy and declutter your home with feng shui

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Nicky Martin | Reader Contributor


My Feng Shui journey started many years ago - and quite by accident! I had just moved in with my boyfriend, and we were settling into our new lives.

As a way of keeping my mind busy, I began a decoration-mission on the house, in order to try to spruce up our home. In the bedroom, I moved the direction of the bed to see if it helped improve the quality of our sleep. Within just a few weeks, we soon started to notice changes in our lives, as we both introduced new friendships into the mix, and had developed a better sleeping pattern.

This was when I decided to deepen my understanding of Feng Shui and see what else I could learn. Here are my top tips to help you to create the perfect Feng Shui balance in your home:


 Choose your Feng Shui School


It is difficult to pin down the history of such an ancient school of practice, as some say Feng Shui can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago. The two main schools are:

  • The Landscape school, which was one of the first incarnations of the tradition. The landscape is analysed to determine where the best flow of ch’i (life force / cosmic breath) may be utilised. Forms such as mountains or rivers may be even characterised by dragons, tigers or tortoise warriors!
  • Bagua School, which is based on the directions of the compass. The main theories used by this school are: the Yin-Yang theory, the theory of Five Elements, and the Lo-Shu Square (a kind of cosmic divination tool).

I will mainly be referring to the Bagua teaching in my Feng Shui tips, as this school is what rings most true to me.


Pick one room, area, or even a corner


Each aspect of the Bagua (which can be treated like a plan), has its related life area and associated materials, colours and elements, which need to be optimised in order to achieve good luck in each area. So pick a space and work out what feels good for you within that area - remember that it’s all about how the space feels to you.

As a rule of thumb, take a compass and find the orientation of the area/room, and then research its associated Feng Shui colours and materials. As my South East facing entrance is supported by the Wood element, colours like green or beige are great to use. The colour blue, as well as mirrors, would also reinforce the energy as glass represents water, which in turn nourishes wood. In addition, purple tones are said to be great in hallways, entrances and stairs, and mirrors to reinforce the energy within that certain area.


Clutter is bad!


AEQUILL Feng Shui | White & Metal for Family and Creativity

 The theory goes, there is energy entering your home and circulating around its rooms, therefore you want it to flow freely, so that it is not impeded by stacks of old clothes on their way to the charity shop, or by plastic boxes of things you ‘might need one day.’

I made quite a few changes in my home, in the light of this information, moving a lot of silvery/metal objects away from the North Eastern corner, over to the West of the flat. The western sector represents the life sector of children and creativity, and its associated element is metal. The colour for that area is white, so metal ornaments on a white shelf is perfect. Go on, give it a go and try decluttering!


 The Bagua map


The Bagua map is a spiritual map of the ideal areas to include in the home, however for those of us that may not have the space to designate so many areas (and myself, since I live in London), you can find ‘cures’ and fixes for your spaces instead.

Try reinforcing the North West energy of the kitchen window sill by using metal ornaments, such as a 5-point star candle holder, and little brass decorative tins with coloured stones to attract good energy.

Another ‘cure’ is to use wind chimes, which we have hung amongst the bamboo plants - these are best hung outside. Wind chimes are special, protective and lucky objects in the Feng Shui tradition.


 Lucky Objects


AEQUILL Feng Shui | Orange, Fire & Wood for Fame and Reputation   Feng Shui | Metal & Earth to attract positive people and inspire travel


There are quite a few other lucky objects to choose from if you are feeling that there are parts of your life that need some attention and improvement, so try corresponding them to areas on the Bagua Map that relate to your situation. Such objects include:

Money Trees - (I have varied luck with these, and my finances seem to reflect the same!)
Dragons - These are good for leadership qualities; place in the North East sector.
Chinese Coins - These are a good symbol for wealth, and are sometimes tied together with a mystic knot, they are also a lucky charm for money, luck and happiness.
Fu Dogs - You may have seen pairs of these in Chinese restaurants. Again, they can be status symbols and also protect against theft.
Pine Trees - Paintings of these can be used to symbolise strength and resilience.
Goldfish - These are incredibly lucky, whether you choose live ones in a fish tank or as part of some art works. The North or South East sectors are best for this symbol.
Laughing Buddha - These are one of my favourites, or use any Buddha that looks peaceful or happy.
Bamboo - The number of stalks dictates the type of luck you will receive!

It’s all about an individual approach, within the guidelines of Feng Shui. The important thing is how your space feels to you; does it feel warm and welcoming? Is it a place where you can entertain friends, be creative or meditate on your intentions? It should be all of these things, and more! I hope you feel inspired to do a bit of your own research and see if it works for you.