Is Soundbath Meditation The Next Big Thing?

I remember my first gong experience in my early 20s and it didn’t go as you may expect. My best friend invited me to her parent’s house in Seaford near Brighton and during the weekend her father played a few of his 20 or so gongs in, what I now know as, a gong bath.

Being in my early 20s and being in a world that, on reflection, felt so much less stressful than this modern world (I am older than I look!) I went along with it and even giggled a bit before moving on…

 It wasn’t until a few years and a few traumatic events later that I was invited to a soundbath that I truly felt it’s affects and benefits. So, what is a Soundbath? We all resonate at a frequency, or a vibe… the earth resonates at around 8hz, and humans at around 10hz. During a sound bath various instruments are playing including singing bowls and/or a gong and those sound waves/ sound energy washes over you and through you (hence the term bathe) helping both your body and mind to resonate as intended. Brain waves in a busy brain operate at between 16-110 Hz this is called Beta or Gamma, in order to reach a restful, mindful state you want to be aiming for around 8-15 Hz or Alpha or better still – 4-7Hz known as Theta. From my own personal experience, the bowls help you to zone out and reach a meditative state with little to no effort.

Using sound as a healing or meditative tool dates back 1000’s of years, some say originally from ancient Greece.

Cut to today, now I don’t know if it is just because I am a practitioner, but I am seeing soundbath mediation everywhere. Kim Kardashian had one for her birthday, it was featured on the most recent series of Brassic, Nicole Scherzinger has Tibetan singing bowls – people seem to be waking up to the fact that sound really can open up space for sound healing, relaxation learning, healing, meditation and releasing.

Now more than ever, I have people approach me from all walks of life looking for a way to still the noise from their brain. Anxiety is at an all-time high, never has mental health been talked about so openly and it is fantastic that people feel comfortable talking about it. I have been hosting remote sessions via Instagram which I was skeptical about at first, but the feedback received has been wonderful. I say to all those people who are new to soundbaths and have only ever attended a remote session… imagine how powerful this is in person. I cannot wait to bring that healing sound energy to so many people once we are safely allowed out to do so.

 Yes, I believe Sound healing IS the next big thing, not just because I am a practitioner, but because I know those who try it absolutely will feel some benefit. And anything that bring peace in this crazy world will catch on.


Helen Artlett-Coe
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