Mind over matter | Boxing basics for mental wellbeing

It is well-known that boxing is a great way to build a strong physique, increase total body strength, and to learn self-defence! It is less known that boxing is also a great way to build mental resilience, as it decreases stress, helps with anger management, combats depression, therefore improving overall mental health and wellbeing. Boxing forces you to be present in the moment, stimulates endorphin production, and increases self-confidence.

Our boxing basics for beginners video provides an introduction to boxing, along with a demonstration and excellent advice from our boxing expert Daniel Uwagbe, and a phenomenal endeavour from our Founder Jintana.

Boxing for physical strength | Shadow boxing, sparring & skipping

Daniel begins by demonstrating some exercise routines and boxing techniques, in which he warms up by skipping and practicing leg lifts, spars with a punch bag and partner, and shadow boxes with small weights. Skipping is a popular warm up amongst boxers - it is far from just a game in school playgrounds - as it builds up endurance and stamina, as well as improving foot-work. Shadow boxing is also an excellent way of strengthening those abs and back muscles, of learning to balance, and practicing your technique.

What we learnt

Soon after Daniel’s demo, it was Jintana’s turn, and under the guidance of an instructor, she was introduced to her first opponent - the punch bag. 30 minutes later she was in full sparing mode, and could punch, kick and knee her way into the punch bag, (and into her next lunch meal). She noticed how much boxing required her to concentrate on her task, and therefore she was very focused and determined to follow the punching bag routine and perfect her technique! After her workout, she felt extremely good, motivated, and like a kick-ass woman!

Boxing for mental health | Self-confidence, self-focused & striving forward

The post work-out session followed with a one-to-one chat with Daniel on the benefits of boxing on mental health. He shared his personal experience and explained that boxing helped consolidate his mentality to grow and strive forward. His positive attitude in the ring has even influenced other aspects of his life as it has made him more decisive in his choices, and he has learnt to ‘go for it’!

Expert tips for newbie boxers 

Daniel shared some tips for newbie boxers, which are to listen to your instructor, soak up all the information, and not to waste time at the start attempting to impress your instructor, as you will only end running out of steam very quickly! He suggests it is better to focus on your technique, such as where to hold your hands, as well as the position and movement of your feet. 

We agree with Daniel that it is certainly better to focus on yourself and own mentality, rather than waste energy by tiring yourself over how others may perceive you - because overall, this will strengthen your self-confidence and mental health.