The Power of Meditation and Why You Need to Try It

As you sit in quiet contemplation in the Light of your inner eye, you come into deep connection with your inner self. All outside sounds begin to fade away, and you experience deep silence – the peace of your soul. This is what meditation is all about.

Meditation does not require any qualifications or conditions. The spirituality in you automatically makes you eligible to meditate. Meditation helps activate the communication lines with your soul. Often this exercise has been wrongly associated with occultism or some sort of a cult and hermitage by the spiritually-undeveloped mind-sets. These self-sabotaging misconceptions are a deterrent to your spiritual-progress. 

Meditation is a veritable dynamic activity. Do not be deceived by the simplicity of the exercise. A great deal goes on at the subtle levels of your being while you meditate. In meditation you need to relax your outer mind or your waking consciousness and allow your subtle mind to come to the fore. Initially, this is a struggle since your conscious-mind has always been in control of everything, and will protest vehemently when you suddenly force it to take the backseat. 

Be gentle and patient with your errant mind. The harder you try to silence your mind, the greater will be your struggle to still it. This leaves you feeling drained and tired, thus defeating the very purpose of a peaceful meditation. 

Let’s begin with a basic meditation called “Watching your Breath”.

For this meditation the beginner just watches his breath flowing in and out of his nostrils while breathing naturally. It does not necessitate forced breathing or controlling of your breath.

It is recommended that you do this exercise for just a couple of minute on the first day, and then gradually increasing the duration of this exercise to your comfort level as you get used to it.


Sit in a comfortable position, keeping your spine erect.

Gently close your eyes and bring your focus on your breath.

As you inhale, be aware of the cool, clean air flowing in through your nose… and with every exhalation feel the warm, stale air flowing out through your nose….

The idea is to be with the flow of the breath. 

Your mind may drift often during this exercise but that is natural – don’t fret over it.
Simply direct your attention quietly back to your breath. 

Repeat this exercise for a couple of minutes with your focus steadfast on your breathing.

Now gently open your eyes. You are now feeling very relaxed… very peaceful. 
With practice, you will be able to do this meditation with increased concentration for a longer duration.


The second meditation is called “Plain Meditation”.

This meditation helps to de-clutter your mind from the rowdy thoughts pounding incessantly in your mind. 

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine erect. Gently close your eyes.

Now concentrate on your third-eye, in the centre of your forehead, and visualise a pin-point light here….

In the initial stages of this meditation your mind will be thronged with thoughts, jostling with each other for your attention. But that’s alright. 

Just watch your thoughts passively and allow them to pass by…. 
Do not entertain any of them, regardless of how urgent or demanding they may appear.

Each time your mind gets involved with your thoughts, simply steer it towards the light without any frustrated effort.

Meditate for about two minutes….

Now gently open your eyes. You are feeling very peaceful and refreshed.

Increase your time gradually until you can do this meditation for 20 minutes comfortably.


With regular practice your thoughts will eventually subside to a mere trickle, taking you into the deeper states of meditation. 

Some of the benefits of meditation are:

  • Meditation helps to strengthen your concentration and discipline your mind so that it serves you as a constructive tool. A well-focused mind is quick and agile to take apt decisions in your hour of need.
  • As you raise your vibrations your thoughts, emotions and desires are sublimated whereby you start to live with a higher perception, greater wisdom and heightened awareness.
  • Meditation heals and relaxes your entire endocrine system. It does away with all the heart-related diseases and the despondencies of the mind, thus healing you of all your physical and psychosomatic maladies.
  • Most importantly, meditation helps you unravel the mystery of this game called “Life”, so that you can play to triumph over your life-challenges with greater efficacy, self-confidence, peace and poise.
  • Meditation enlightens your mind, and prepares it to receive the higher cosmic Truths with greater clarity and higher understanding.
  • Your mental clarity enables you realise your divine purpose in life.
Meditation helps balance your body, mind and soul, and aligns you with the Universal Consciousness for constant divine guidance and inspiration.

Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash