Marigold lip balm
Marigold lip balm

Marigold lip balm

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Marigold lip balm moisturises and protects the lips from pollution and harsh weather conditions, keeping the lips soft while repairing them when sore and cracked. 

It is in a 6ml paper tube that can be composted in the food or garden bin!

What makes this product different from other lip balms?

This lip balm texture is particularly soft and velvety and gives the lips a delightful shiny look similar to natural colour lipstick, perfect for any natural-looking make-up and outfit.  The orange essential oil is uplifting: it warms up the heart in the dark and long winter and reinvigorates and refreshes the mind in the summertime.

Where can Marigold Lip Balm be used?

Apply on the lips any time they are getting dry, especially frequently when the lips are cracked, and breath intensely the orange revitalising properties.  Also, apply it as a natural-effect lipstick.

The lip balm can also be used for Marigold Lip Balm

Marigold lip balm can also be used around the nostrils for capturing allergens.  Due to the antibacterial properties of marigold and beeswax, the lip balm supports the healing of damaged and inflamed lips.  As it is easy to carry in the handbag, this lip balm is ideal to be used on the face and hands while traveling, for instance, it helps keep skin hydrated when flying.

Who might use this product?

This lip balm is for anybody wishing to hydrate, protect and repair their lips, men, women, and children.  It is also for anybody who wants natural and shiny-looking lips, for any occasion.

Additional information

The lip balm is spread on the lips directly from its tube like a traditional lipstick.  The tube is firmly sealed with a lid that protects the lip balm and prevent spilling of the product.  The lip balm is lifted up to reveal more product by applying gentle pressure with your fingertips at the base of the tube.