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Hey I’m Helen and I started Soundbathinthewood to help ease anxiety and over thinking for many after being a life long sufferer of both myself and finding solace in sound baths.

I offer 121, corporate, educational and group sessions (when we aren’t locked down) and I offer my first session for free... always. No catch. I want to ensure everyone who attends is sure they will receive benefit, otherwise what’s the point?

Everything on this planet (and the planet itself) vibrates! The earth vibrates at around 8hz. Humans at around 10hz.

The unique sound waves of crystal bowls vibrate at around 432hz, they wash over and through you and help your brain waves slow down to Alpha (8-15hz) and hopefully Theta (4-7hz) level inducing a deep calm meditative state where healing and restoration and learning can occur.

Sessions can be conducted at my house in my studio or in my clients’ space and starts at £30 for 1 hour. Corporate bookings are £250 for 1 hour up to 15 people and POA for any tome or attendees over that.

I cover London central and north and Hertfordshire