Room Perfume: A Spritz Of Life

Day turns to night and the air in your apartment is becoming stale. 

A quick spritz of room perfume enlightens the scene, scent-notes dancing in the twilight, uplifting and sensual.

Our range of Room Perfumes elegantly await you in their tall, amber, matt-finish bottles. 

This is the perfect mode of scent diffusion for those who seek a quick-fix, and thanks to a high concentration of pure essential oils suspended in perfumer’s alcohol, a few sprays is enough to fill a room with sumptuous fragrance, refreshing the space instantaneously.

We have seven different scents to choose from, which are perfectly tailored to your home-fragrance needs. 

If you’re looking for something to brighten your morning, we suggest reaching for Lemon & Geranium to bring the zing. 

Perhaps you’re looking to cleanse those smells lurking in your bathroom? We recommend Lavender and Marjoram due to its strong floral-herbaceous profile. 

For a relaxing afternoon pick-me-up it has to be our classic Rose, and to welcome in a sensual evening, Jasmine never fails.

Our Room Perfumes come in a tall matt amber glass bottle with a discreet spray cap, for precision diffusion. 

The scent name is elegantly printed in matt black foil on a natural brown label affixed to the bottle, making this a subtle and beautiful object to have around your home.