Room Perfumes

Our room perfumes harnesses the power of botanical essence to bring the scent of nature into your home. Choose an atmosphere you want to evoke to boost moods as well as bring peace and harmony to your home. 

What are the benefits of essential oils

Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy to help support relaxation, stress relief and aid mood and well-being. The most common way to absorb the benefits of the oils is through inhalation of the aromas which works directly with areas of the brain to control breathing, heat rate and blood pressure.

Home fragrance is a great way to integrate essential oils into your wellness routine to help you feel good as well as create an environment for relaxation.

The best way to fragrance your home

Choose a scent that you want to surround yourself with. A good smelling home is a pleasure to live in. Good scents provide a home with good energy so choose a fragrance that's going to match the type of energy you want to be surrounded by.

What is the best room spray for your home

We recommend thinking about where and when you are most likely to use your room sprays. Different times of day or locations in your home could be a factor in the type of fragrance you choose. As a rule of thumb we recommend choosing a Lavender & Marjoram, as part of your evening ritual in preparation for sleep, a Juniper berry & Cedarwood to detox the mind after work or Lemon & Geranium for bright and uplifting weekends.