Candles: Scent Diffused By Fire

Ignite and experience the meeting of fire and fragrance, of a scent-world that guides you from the everyday into an otherworldly place.

The name Aequill comes from the latin word Aequilibrium meaning ‘to level’ or ‘balance’, and this is what we put into every candle.

Using a balance of raw and refined ingredients, we blend pure essential oils with soy-mineral wax, hand-poured around a bespoke wick by our small team in East London.

We have a range of seven fragrance profiles encompassing herbaceous florals, earthy woods and spices, vibrant citrus and sultry exotics. 

Our recipes are built around traditional aromatherapy, and lifted by an innovative wax blend to produce candles that provide strong scent-throw and burn with slow stability.

All of our candles come in a clear glass jar with a heavy base, meaning that you don’t have to worry about heat transduction. 

The jars are elegantly labeled by their individual scent in matt black foil on a natural brown label, ensuring they will visually complement any home. 

We ship in a minimal, hand-stamped box to protect the glass during transit, and entrap the scent until it arrives at your door.