Scented Candles

Feel comforted with our range of luxury scented candles and its fire light glow.

Choose how you'd like to recharge from botanical extracts of citrus to florals and woody and earthy blends.

The best scented candle to boost moods and relaxation at home

Scent can work wonders for your well-being and fragrances are a great way to integrate a little joy into your daily routine. Our scented candles are made with 100% botanical plant extracts which harnesses the use of essential oils to help you connect to nature. Did you know that our sense of smell is a direct link to the emotional centre of our brain and has the ability to trigger vivid emotional memories much more than what imagery can. Choosing scented candles to foster well-being at home can be a great way to integrate feelings of nostalgia and happy memories into your home. 

Where to buy scented candles from AEQUILL

You can buy directly from us online, just simply add your items to the shopping cart and head to check out. We aim to deliver your items between 3 - 5 days on a standard delivery.

Or if you want to meet us face to face you can find us at Broadway Market and Chatsworth Road Market. For opening times see here.

What’s the strongest smelling candles in our collection

Our strongest scent throw is our Jasmine candle. Made with Jasmine Absolute and essential oils, it is luxurious and rich. One of our favourites which also offers a strong scent throw is our Lemon & Geranium candle. It is uplifting and fresh - perfect to boost happy moods. For more info you can find each candle scent metre in their profile tabs.