Luxury Scented Candles; Diffused by Fire

Ignite and experience the meeting of fire and fragrance with our scented candles, perfect as a gift for yourself or a loved one. Allow the essential oils to guide you from the everyday into an otherworldly place.

Each of our candles contain a completely original in-house fragrance, created with 100% pure natural essential oil, and offer up to 60 hours’ burn time. 

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What is Aequill? 

We’re often asked where our unique name - Aequill - stems from; the word ‘aequilibrium’ is Latin, and is simply defined as ‘to level’ or ‘balance’. It’s this feeling that we try to infuse into all of our product offerings, so that every fragrance for our scented candles is truly harmonious. That’s what makes our scented candles such a perfect gift - for yourself, or a loved one. 

What goes into your candles?

At Aequill, all of our products are made using a blend of raw, natural, and refined materials, to ensure the exceptional combination of scents that delivers emotive benefits. During the creation of our scented candles, we blend the purest possible essential oils with soy-mineral wax, which is renowned for its longer burning time and cleaner burning abilities vs. some alternatives.

Our recipes were devised around traditional aromatherapy practices, and the emotion and satisfaction that can be derived from just the right blend of scents. Meanwhile, our innovative soy wax blend enables each of our candles to provide exceptionally strong scent-throw with a more cohesive and balanced slow-burn stability. 

Which fragrance options do you currently offer?

We currently offer a range of seven incredible fragrances within our scented candle range, encompassing everything from herbaceous florals to earthy woods and spices, to vibrant citruses and sultry exotics. These all form part of our first core collection, the Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop Home Fragrance Range, designed to soothe and provide relaxation to combat the stress of everyday life.

These incredible fragrances are:

  • Lemon & Geranium - a fresh, bright scented candle which pairs citrusy zest with bold, intense florals, which is designed to uplift and delight. One of our bestselling candles, it’s particularly perfect for long soaks in the bath, or having friends around for dinner. 
  • Lavender & Marjoram - a calming blend of distinctive lavender with a sweet burst of herbaceous marjoram, paired together to soothe the body and mind. This scented candle is very well-suited for just before bed, or to help you unwind at the end of a long day. 
  • Jasmine - a luxurious scented candle with combination of sensual jasmine with exotic ylang ylang, and paired with a sweet undertone that’s intended to strengthen emotional bonds and promote intimacy. 
  • Black Pepper - a sultry blend of spicy black and pink pepper, and woody pine, this intense scent is crafted to enhance focus and positivity, leaving you feeling uplifted. This scented candle is the perfect all-rounder, and is genuinely perfect for every occasion. 
  • Rose - a delicate, elegant balance of rose absolute combined with gentle rosewood and a dash of citrusy red mandarin, this relaxing combination is designed to help provide calm, whilst promoting self-love. The perfect scented candle for when you need a little TLC.  
  • Juniper Berry & Cedarwood - crafted with a crisp, woody blend of Juniper Berry and Cedarwood Atlas, this warm scented candle is blended with the intention of leaving you feeling rejuvenated and grounded. This is the perfect scented candle to burn whilst listening to the rain outside your window, or cozied up with a good book. 
  • Grapefruit & Vetiver - with an intensely vibrant and earthy combination of scent, designed to freshen and balance your home. Use this scented candle when you need to restore the energy of your living space. 

Where are Aequill fragrances sourced from?

All of our blends are made from a 100% custom blend, which we create in-house. That means our incredible aromatherapy benefits are totally unique to us, and why we pride ourselves so much on our ability to deliver the perfect sense of balance with each and every candle.

We’re incredibly proud of each and every one of our blends, and this first collection, ‘Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop’ was in development for four years before being completed, just so we could ensure every single blend was just right

How are your luxury scented candles made?

Each of our candles is hand-poured by our small, East London team, utilising the same traditional pouring methods we’ve been using since the start of Aequill, creating small batches of the best quality products possible - and we think it makes all the difference. 

We also utilise a bespoke cotton wick for all candles, which offers a longer burn time and reduces sooting for each use. 

Every single Aequill scented candle comes in a high-quality, clear glass jar with a heavy base, meaning you don’t have to worry about heat transduction or the associated negative impact it could have in your home. These glass jars are all individually labelled with matt black foil on a natural brown label, making them a neutral accessory for any home. 

Click on any of the above links to begin finding your perfect candle, either for yourself or as a gift! You can also view our wonderful gift sets, here, if you’d like to double-down on the perfect scent with a candle and room perfume duo!  

How quickly can I receive my delivery?

We ship all scented candles in a highly protective, minimal, hand-stamped box, making it a perfect gift that will arrive in great condition, with the fragrance fully entrapped until it reaches its destination.This also means that our packaging is eco-friendly and ethically conscious, using no plastic or other materials which could be damaging to the environment - we’d highly recommend reusing your candle’s glass jar once your candle is finished, too! 

We make all our scented candles in-house which means there is delivery time is usually instant. We keep all our stock close at our studio which also means we don't have to worry about deliveries from third parties that might cause delay to your order. Once we receive your order, we will pick and pack your scented candle and despatched to you, we aim to do between 1-2 days. You will receive an email notification once your order has our warehouse.

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