Founder's Story

Hello, this is a little love letter from me. I started AEQUILL as a girl who couldn't afford much as a child. Born in a village in northeast Thailand, it’s one of the poorest province in the country.

Growing up in London, I now want to make nice things for people.
I want to share my experience with my customers and connect the story of my life through eastern and western living. 

In essence this story is about healing. I want to heal people, I make things in the hope that they will slowly infiltrate into every home to make people feel good, through light, scent and the senses.

I enjoy the simple things.

The sunrise. The sunset. Going for a swim at Ironmonger Row. A walk along Dalston’s Ridley Road. Watching the narrow boats floating along regents canal. It's the small pleasures in life that I love.

I started AEQUILL to celebrate the small things because I believe that it makes the biggest difference in peoples’ lives. Small things offer a surprising amount of pleasure that without it would be like using a knife without a fork or salt without pepper – or what I would call incomplete.

There’s so much I want to share, change and make, and this is my way of doing so. I see AEQUILL very much as a space to create, to share stories and inspire. It’s my canvas, and I am just about getting started.