Our products are all made in East Ham. Handpoured by Jintana and her team.
Our glass vessel is dusted to remove any dust that could affect the fragrance or burn
Hand trimmed cotton wicks are placed in the vessel and pinned secure to help it stay centralize
We melt our parasoy wax chosen for it's long lasting burn quality and excellent scent throw, then carefully stir in our essential blend at the coolest temperature to ensure that the fragrance is not burnt away by the heat
We then hand poured the liquid into the vessel
The candles are left to cool and set for a couple weeks to ensure the best possible candle is made
Using a cotton cloth, we use clean and polish the glass vessel to get rid of any wax residue
Finally every candle is then loving labeled, hand packed, ink stamped and sealed.
Light, smell, touch, taste our products make the most of sensory pleasures to help you live and enjoy the moment, whether it’d be watching the light of candle flickering away, surrendering to a warm bath or enjoying your favourite cup of tea.