Launching Soon

We believe that every girl should have the opportunity to thrive. SHINE is our social responsibility programme created with the aim to help young women, aged 16-25, with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to build healthy futures no matter their past. 

ACEs should not be seen as someone’s destiny. Through our programme we hope to break the cycle of trauma to offer hope and build resilience to empower those affected by ACE to fulfil their full potential.
We built the programme using our 4 pillars…

After a storm comes calm
SHINE is a 3 months programme developed to provide a space for young women to benefit from a calming, supportive environment in an initiative designed to bring mindfulness, encourage reflection and enable learning.

Real success comes in small portions day by day
We believe that by creating something everyday and celebrating small achievements is the way to gently build mental resilience, an important first step towards creating space for healing.

Keeping the hands busy so the mind can be still
Every term we will enroll a group of young people to our starter course to teach all aspect of the process of candle making which is provided in two stages. The first stage will be provided in conjunction with mentoring and coaching to ensure that they get the best support and tailored learning. The second stage will see them commence their own journey into our 3 months product manufacturing programme at our studio based in East Ham.

Sky's the limit
And finally at the end of the course, we offer an opportunity to continue taking their learning into the rest of the business, from sales, to administration, to marketing and business development.