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Jasmine | Sensual Perfume Room Fragrance

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Need a natural exotic mood boosting enhancer? No need for a GP's prescription for this remedy. It is well known that the warm, exotic floral fragrant of the Jasmine essential oil has multiple mood enhancing properties. 

This beautiful blend helps relaxes, soothes, uplifts, and enhances self-confidence. Its sensuality in a bottle basically. Everything you need for a stress-free body, mind and soul. 


Who We Are

Established in 2017, AEQUILL was created to help you make space for calm and relaxation at home.

Our niche botanical home fragrance ranged titled Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop is a nod to Jintana’s time helping her beauty therapy mum create products in her therapy shop.

How Our Room Fragrances Are Made

Our room fragrance is designed to add an instant spruce to your living space with just a few spritz. Our blends are made with pure essential oil to help boost moods and relaxation - we call it our scent therapy. Our luxury perfume room sprays will lighten up any room with uplifting, mind clearing, energising and relaxing fragrance. Who knew getting happy was so easy, we really do love our room fragrances and we use it everyday!


Designed For The Home

We pay attention to the detail - from packaging design, to scent formulation to final product creation. Every step of the product is designed to ensure our fragrances is the best smelling botanical scent that also looks beautiful in your home. Its no wonder that our customers return again and again to purchase their favourite home fragrances for themselves and as gifts for loved ones.


Spray into the air and around the room. Don't forget to sing from the top of your voice which has also been known to make you feel good.

Essential oil blend: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, Neroli, Sweet Orange

Size: 100ml