Karambi coffee

Karambi coffee

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For Edmond Kanyamibwa, the owner of Karambi Mountain coffee, quality comes before everything else. Edmond built his first washing station in 2014. 

He received good feedback on his processing and focused on improving the facilities at his washing station and expanding its capacity. At the end of the 2015 season, as he toured around his home village, he found an area with good coffee farms, but there was no washing station to help farmers process their cherries for good quality. He built Karambi Coffee washing station, and operated it that following season. His experience on managing wet mills helped him to deliver high quality washed coffees.

Coffee Info

Country:                       Rwanda

Region:                        Nyamasheke, Western Province

Varietal:                       Red Bourbon

Process:                       Washed


Tasting Notes:              Orange, Plum, Brown Sugar