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Masala Chai Kit

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Includes 150g of Chai Guys Masala Spice Blend + 110g of Chai Guys Black Tea of choice




This is your Masala Chai kit. Combine our fresh spices and fine black tea to make our famous Masala Chai with a gentle ginger and black pepper burn.


This is probably the tastiest and healthiest drink our there. Check out The Art Of Chai page for more information.


Masala Chai Directions


·      1½ Tbsp. Chai Guys Assam CTC tea

·      1 Tbsp. Chai Guys Masala spice blend

·      1½ Tbsp. Finely chopped fresh ginger

·      2 cups water

·      1 cup milk (whole milk or oat)

·      Sugar to your liking




1.     Bring water to boil, then add Masala Spices and brew on high heat for 3* minutes, stirring occasionally.

2.     Add black tea stirring often for one minute and then add milk. Bring back to boil on high heat, stirring often for 3* minutes.

3.     Reduce heat and add sugar to your liking. We recommend 1-2 tsp per serving. Strain and serve.


*HINT: The longer the cooking time, the stronger the brew. We love the gentle burn, so recommend a longer brew time.




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