Room Perfume Spray With Juniper Berry & Cedarwood Essential Oil
Room Fragrance Spray 100ml

Juniper Berry & Cedarwood Room Perfume

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The perfect spritz to ground and refresh a space, Cedarwood is traditionally used to aid meditation. 

Fresh, crisp and woody, this room perfume combines bright and balsamic Juniper Berry with grounding Cedarwood Atlas. 

The perfect way to instantaneously bring the scent of outdoors into your home.

 Strength  Light
Fragrance Style Woody
Scent Description Warm & Rejuvenating
Scent Notes Juniper berry, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Bergamot

    Family Effect Note
    Stimulating Top
    Juniper berry Tree Stimulating Top, middle
    Cedarwood Exotic
    Vetiver Floral Grounding Base

    • 100% pure essential oil blend
    • Hand blended in house
    • 100ml

    Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop is the title of our original range of aromatherapy room fragrance which plays homage to Jintana’s time helping her beauty therapist mother create products in her shop.

    From using lemons to lavender, easily found in supermarkets or a neighbour’s front garden; this range utilises scents that echo the beauty around us, whilst playing tribute to uplifting memories.