Calming Perfume Room Spray in Lavender and Marjoram Scent
Lavender and Marjoram Perfume Room Spray
Luxury Perfume Room Spray in Lavender and Marjoram
Room Fragrance Room Perfume

Lavender & Marjoram Room Perfume

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This delicate and soothing lavender perfume room spray marries sweetly herbaceous Marjoram, beneath gentle overtones of Neroli.

The benefits of lavender essential oil has a calming and sedating effect for the mind and body, and was carefully crafted to help unwind and destress. 

We’ve chosen the well known benefits of lavender essential oil for its ability to promote good sleep, neroli for tranquillity and marjoram herbs to soothe emotions and alleviate sadness. This lavender room spray is perfect for preparing your mind for rest.

 Strength  Light
Fragrance Style Floral
Scent Description Calm & Soothing
Scent Notes Lavender, Marjoram, Neroli

    Family Effect Note
    Lavender Floral
    Relaxing Top
    Marjoram Herbs Calming Top
    Floral Soothing
    Top, middle

    • 100% pure essential oil blend
    • Hand blended in house
    • 100ml

    Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop is the title of our original range of aromatherapy room fragrance which plays homage to Jintana’s time helping her beauty therapist mother create products in her shop.

    From using lemons to lavender, easily found in supermarkets or a neighbour’s front garden; this range utilises scents that echo the beauty around us, whilst playing tribute to uplifting memories.

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      Another Favorite Scent

      Love the mixture of these two scents. Not overpowering, fresh. About to order more as gifts.