Candle Room Perfume Rose Gift Set
Rose Gift Set Duo

Rose Gift Set Duo

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The delicate femininity of Rose is blended elegantly with Neroli and Rose Geranium in this scented candle and room perfume spray, beautifully balanced by sweet Rosewood and finished with soft, citrus Red Mandarin.

Designed as a woody floral this blend encourages nurturing self esteem and emotional healing.

 Strength Medium - Strong
Fragrance Style Woody floral
Scent Description Woody & feminine
Scent Notes Rose, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, Red Mandarin, Neroli


Family Effect Note
Citrus Refreshing Top
Neroli Floral Soothing
Rose Geranium Floral Balancing
Top, middle
Rose  Floral Calming
Middle, base
Rosewood Tree Relaxing Middle, base


Room Perfume

  • 100% pure essential oil blend
  • Hand blended in house
  • 100ml


  • 100% pure essential oil blend
  • Hand poured in- house from our London studio
  • 250g mineral-soy wax blend selected for exceptional hot and cold scent throw
  • Specially selected cotton wicks to provide a long burn and minimal sooting
  • Approximately up to 60 hours burn time

Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop is the title of our original range of aromatherapy room fragrance which plays homage to Jintana’s time helping her beauty therapist mother create products in her shop.

From using lemons to lavender, easily found in supermarkets or a neighbour’s front garden; this range utilises scents that echo the beauty around us, whilst playing tribute to uplifting memories.