Garlic & Herb Flavoured Butter By Sublime Butter

Garlic & Herb Flavoured Butter By Sublime Butter

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We are inspired by and named after the Sublime Society of the Beefsteak, an 18th-century London club where lunch was accompanied by songs, speeches and lashings of port. Such things add savour to meals. So does our flavoured butter.


Those gentlemen appreciated fine ingredients, proudly sourced in Britain. For them, the flank was as patriotic as the flag. We feel the same. Our butters are churned at Brue Valley Farm, right in the heart of Somerset, and flavoured with only the finest ingredients.


The Sublime Society had an in-house butcher at its members’ disposal. We have a talented team poached from England’s finest food companies, and they are at yours. If you have any feedback or recipe suggestions, we’d be delighted to hear from you.


Butter has been smeared when it ought to be spread.

That delicious golden manna has come in for a good deal of flack over the last few years, but the nutritionists have now repented: butter is officially healthy. Healthier by far than the upstart margarine, which is French for ‘pot of plastic’.

And a lot more flavoursome too. Especially when we’re finished with it.