Juniperberry & Cedarwood

Juniperberry & Cedarwood

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We’ve blended our candles using some of our favourite scents of pure essential oils. 

This beautiful aromatherapy candle is made with Juniper Berry & Cedarwood to help restore your spirit and calm your inner balance.

Juniper Berry is bright, fresh and crisp and smells wonderful combined with cedarwood as the base note. This well balanced candle is perfect for those who loves the woodier notes as it isn't sweet, fruity or zesty. Light this candle to remind you of long walks, tree barks and log fires.

Lovingly hand poured by Jintana and her team into our 100% recycled artisan mouth blown glass with the greenest credentials.


Regular candle approx 200g. Upto 40 hours burning time

Travel candle approx 100g. Upto 16 hours burning time


  • Juniper Berry, Cedarwood Vetiver & Bergamot essential oil blend

  • Paraffin wax for the best scent throw

  • Single wick candle

  • Cotton and paper wick

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