๑๒ – pronouced sìp sŏng meaning 12 in Thai is our 12 specially developed scented candles designed for each month of the year to lift your mood no matter the weather.

Regular size scented candle

Our regular size candle with up to 60 hours of burn time is pure indulgent. Made with pure essentials oils our aromatherapy candles can influence your moods and still your mind month by month with our expert blends. Hand made and hand poured by artisans in London we've spent time perfecting our craft to make sure that every candle is none other than perfect.

Travel size scented candle

Enjoy our 20 hours of mood boosting subscription package and indulge a little at a time.  Savour and unwind with up to 20 hours worth of burn time.

Take advantage of our our travel size candle with an up to 20 hours burn time for predictable, hassle free mindfulness that's delivered to your door monthly.


The package

Enjoy up to 20% off RRP

Special customer deserve special treatment and our subscription plan was created with our customers in mind. For enrolling on our monthly plan you will enjoy our products at a special discounted rate of up to 30% off. 


As a special customer you will automatically be enrolled onto our members programme where you will have access to exclusive video diaries and monthly content.

We will also will put together an exclusive one off products page curated especially for you. These can be ordered as one off purchases and despatch with your next delivery.

Your friend is our friend

We noticed how kind and generous you are, we know this because you love buying our candles to give to your loved ones on their special day.

To show you that your goodness has not gone unnoticed we have come up with a special way to help your gifting even more special! As a subscription member we have created our Your Friend is Our Friend scheme where you and your one special person of choice will receive a gift from us on your birthdays.