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Musk smell in fragrance | how musk perfume gets it's distinctive fragrance

If you're an avid fan of fragrance and perfume, chances are you've more often than not heard the terms 'musk fragrance', 'musk smell', and 'white musk' used to describe various fragrances and scents - from body sprays to perfumes, you can often find musk in the base notes of a wide selection of smells. But what exactly is musk? Where does it come from and how is it characterised in the scents we know and love? We'll be sharing everything you need to know about what makes musks so special; from natural musk and its origins to the various ways in which synthetic musks are utilised to create complex perfume and fragrance profiles. Where does musk come from?  Surprisingly, musk...

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What are the benefits of essential oils ?

At Aequill, we're firm believers in the aroma-therapeutic benefits of scent, and as far as we're concerned, there are few commodities in the world which offer as many olfactory benefits as essential oils; just a few drops incorporated into your daily routine can make the world of difference! That's why, today, we're sharing a little more about the incredible benefits that essential oils offer, how to use essential oils, and which essential oils might be best to try first. What are essential oils ?   Simply put, essential oils are compounds which are extracted from plants, usually through distillation or cold pressing. This process seeks to extract the essence of the plant itself, thereby emulating its scent; however, as this...

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Candle wax - what's the difference?

Photo by Rebecca Peterson-Hall on Unsplash There's a lot that goes into making a scented candle. We have spent a lot of time deliberating over the type of materials we use, our supply chain and the type of candle we want to make. For us it’s important that we align our materials to the experience we want to create for our customers. When it comes to choosing our materials, it has been about balancing a fine line of creating beautiful candles that burns well and has a great scent throw. Our choice of raw material is the magic of our product and we’ve taken time to consider our options when it comes to the variety of materials on the market. For our candles,...

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