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AEQUILL : A Kiss Of Scent

Aequill is a London-based fragrance company founded by Thai-British perfumer Jintana Khieochaum.

Inspired by the Thai tradition of “sniff kissing” (Haawm kaem- whereby one kisses with a sniff rather than the lips) Aequill has pushed scent-culture from the start with our scented candles, room perfumes and upcoming perfume range.

Fragrances For The Home

Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop tells the story of when Jintana would help her mother make aromatherapy blends for her beauty therapy shop. Made with 100% pure essential oils our fragrances for the home have been designed to help you create relaxation and harmony in your living space.

Founding Story

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Perfumes, fragrances & scented candles made in-house from our London Studio