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Perfume Launch | Spring 2022


New Fragrances Inspired By Scent & Sound

Launching soon, our artist in residence programme presents our debut perfume range inspired by scent and sound. Featuring scent compositions by inhouse perfumer and sound artist Ecka Mordecai bottled in a visual sculpture piece by Kate Adelskaya.

Our Perfume Studio

sound wave artistic picture to represent the collaboration of sound and perfume artist working with natural essential oils and aromatherapy to create unique scents for your body or your home. Home perfume in the form of room scents and scented candle.
Unique fine fragrances hand blended using essential oils by artists in our London studio. Aromatherapy to enhance your mood and escape to a nostalgic place in your mind for ultimate relaxation and stress relief to uplift and enhance your well being.

London Fine Fragrances

New Perfumery

Feel comforted, energised and uplifted with our range of perfumes for your body and for the home. Hand made and blended natural essentials oils in all scented candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and perfumes. Aromatherapy is therapeutic and calming
perfumer creating, hand making and blending essential oils together inventing unique fragrances to uplift and enhance your mood. Use scented candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and perfumes to change your mood to a positive place and to escape reality.

Perfumes, fragrances & scented candles made in-house from our London Studio

AEQUILL : A Kiss Of Scent

Aequill is a London-based fragrance company founded by Thai-British perfumer Jintana Khieochaum.

Inspired by the Thai tradition of “sniff kissing” (Haawm kaem- whereby one kisses with a sniff rather than the lips) Aequill has pushed scent-culture from the start with our scented candles, room perfumes and upcoming perfume range.

Picture of Jintana of Thai heritage, she has a special attachment to scents and there meanings using essential oils

Founding Story

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Subtle changes of mood in familiar spaces

Our debut range titled Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop tells the story of when Jintana would help her mother make aromatherapy blends for her beauty therapy shop. Made with natural oils our fragrances for the home have been designed to help you create relaxation and harmony in your living space.

Through scent we connect to our emotions and learn to appreciate moments and memories.

Whether you choose a quick spritz of our room spray, or prefer to unwind by the dancing flame of a scented candle, Aequill aspires to bring balance back into your life.