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Savouring Scents: A fragrance making supper club

In collaboration with emerging culinary artist Barney Pau, we hosted fusion of perfumery and gastronomy which promises to transport you on a journey of intertwined flavours and fragrances. The event event took place earlier this year. Feast your eyes on the images below.

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Our new perfumes: the featured collection

Introducing the SOUND collection: our new perfume range designed by sound artist Ecka Mordecai, as part of our groundbreaking artist-in-residence programme, and all housed in their own limited edition bottle designed by fine artist Ekaterina Adelskaya. Each perfume comes complete with its own haiku, written by Ecka Mordecai.

The SOUND collection combines aequill's standard high-quality, expertly blended fragrance with a completely unique concept: the exploration of the mysterious world of sound and scent.
With three stunning fragrances in the collection, each with its own distinctive inspiration, you're bound to find your favourite new perfume within this exceptional collection.

With three incredible fragrances to choose from, our new perfumes offer suprising, emotive, and uplifting scents that are designed to refresh and inspire.

SOUND 01 perfume

London Perfumery | Eau de Parfum | Green Tea
Mimosa perfume | London perfumes | perfume house

SOUND 02 perfume


SOUND 03 perfume

London perfumes | Woody Parfum | New perfumes
Picture of Jintana of Thai heritage, she has a special attachment to scents and there meanings using essential oils

aequill : A Kiss Of Scent

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