Home Fragrance

A treat for the senses with pure botanical extracts from our debut range Mum's Aromatherapy Shop. 

Made with 100% natural essential oils our home fragrances helps connect you to unwind and destress using the power of scent.

The best way to fragrance your home

We recommend thinking about the rooms that you’d like to fragrance and how you use it. 
Fragrance can help support and enhance the way you live for example lavender is a great scent to promote sleep while cedarwood is wonderful to relax the mind. Choose bright uplifting scents to boost happy moods in busy areas of your home, quiet and calming scent for areas you want stillness and sedating and soothing aromas for sleeping areas.

How to make your house smell like a spa

Creating a relaxing home environment can be optimised by using fragrances to enhance wellness. Spa practices use botanical extracts of essential oils to help relax and improve your well-being. We use 100% pure essential oils in our Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop blends which have been designed to offer full relaxation properties which will help your home smell like the healing sanctuary of a spa.

How to make your home smell good

Every home has a unique scent and the best way to start your home fragrance journey is to first cleanse and declutter your home to maximise fragrance opportunity. Then choose from our signature scented candle, room perfume or gift set as a way to add fragrance to your home. A candle is a great option if you like scent that is released slowly which can linger after hours after the candle is put out. Or try our room perfume for an instant scent release. These are made using 100% natural extracts to help you feel closer to nature for a relaxed and feel good home.