Home Fragrance

A treat for the senses with pure botanical extracts from our debut range Mum's Aromatherapy Shop. 

Made with 100% natural essential oils our home fragrances helps connect you to unwind and destress using the power of scent.

Background: A scent to change to your mood

For centuries, scent has been used therapeutically because of  its ability to impact the emotional-memory center of the brain.

Our candles and room perfumes are made with 100% botanical plant extracts, which not only harness the powers of aromatherapy, but also connect us to nature.

When choosing your scent, consider whether you want something to match or change your mood. Do you want to feel uplifted with Lemon and Geranium, calmed with Rose, or brought down to earth with Juniper Berry and Cedarwood?

Explore our range to discover more about what our fragrances can bring to you and your home.