Our Commitments

Fragrances and candles handmade in-house

Ethics & Sustainability

As a small business we take a holistic approach to ethics and sustainability to honour our commitment to our customers, our communities, our suppliers and the environment. 

We are proud to hand make and manufacture our products in the UK working with the many suppliers nationally to ensure quality of raw materials and high standards.

By designing and making our products in house means we are active in making products that limits waste both internally and externally from the life cycle of our products.

Greenr carbon offsetting programme

Building a greener world with Greenr

Greenr Social Enterprise Carbon Offsetting Programme

We are excited to be partnering with Greenr, a social enterprise to give you the choice to offset the carbon footprint for your purchase. Greenr connects you with trusted and certified carbon offsetting programmes in a transparent way. Simply select the Greenr icon at check out and start engaging how you off set. For more info visit gogreenr.co