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Our rose scented candle made for valentines day

Shop Aequill's Rose Scented Candle £36  Why is the Rose Candle perfect for Valentines? There's just something totally special about rose scented candles. With a feminine, delicate, and gentle scent, this particular fragrance of roses has long been considered a classic - and it's clearly for good reason! Although, for a brief period, the scent was considered to be a slightly dated one, there has been an impressive resurgence in recent years making it a perfect valentines gift! That's why, today, we'll be sharing a little more about our own interesting Aequill Rose Scented Candle, and the unique, fresh blend of scent we've utilised to modernize it, without stripping it of its luxurious credentials. It's our hope that in this...

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Calming candles and scent for relaxation and stress relief

Lavender & Marjoram Scent Best for relaxing, sedating and soothing mind and body Night time is a very peaceful time for most of us. Most adults have a nighttime routine that aids an extremely relaxing, tranquil time of day. After our busy days that are filled with work, deadlines, children, pets, stress, full London tubes and rush hour, we all deserve to grasp the opportunity to unwind in the evenings. Our Lavender & Marjoram candle has a calming blend which marries lavender with sweet, herbaceous Marjoram and the delicacy of Neroli. Aromatic and soothing, this fragrance has a calm sedating effect on mind and body. Perfect for stress relieving, simply light this aromatherapy candle to completely unwind into relaxation. Our scented...

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