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Burning A Candle & How To Fix Candle Tunnelling

We’ve all experienced it, candle tunnelling can be frustrating. Your favourite candle is not yet half used and it has started to tunnel. There are many tips and tricks which might help to help maximize the use of your beloved scented candle and here we share our professional tips and tricks that might help.  Not burning it long enough on the first burn to not looking after your candle could all contribute to candle tunnelling. Candles can be pretty temperamental. Candle makers and chandlers like ourselves painfully test, test and retest candles to ensure that our work holds consistency with every batch. For the end user, making sure that you look after your candle is just as important as the making process to ensure...

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What are the benefits of essential oils ?

At Aequill, we're firm believers in the aroma-therapeutic benefits of scent, and as far as we're concerned, there are few commodities in the world which offer as many olfactory benefits as essential oils; just a few drops incorporated into your daily routine can make the world of difference! That's why, today, we're sharing a little more about the incredible benefits that essential oils offer, how to use essential oils, and which essential oils might be best to try first. What are essential oils ?   Simply put, essential oils are compounds which are extracted from plants, usually through distillation or cold pressing. This process seeks to extract the essence of the plant itself, thereby emulating its scent; however, as this...

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How To Make Perfume | Part 1: The Art Of Perfumery

Photo by CDC on Unsplash The world of perfume making is very much a guarded secret for the select few. I believe that revealing how to make a perfume will open a fairer opportunity for everyone who loves perfumery to enjoy and understand the complexity and the artistry behind the process. There are a lot of miss conceptions about how to become a perfumer - for example that you need to study for years to qualify, or that you need to attend a perfume school in Grasse or that you need a degree in chemistry. Even though I absolutely believe that knowledge is power; to actually learn how to make a perfume none of these statements are true. There are a few key fundaments when it comes...

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