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Spring scents | our tips for selecting your spring time fragrances

There's something truly delightful about the emergence of spring time: the ebbing away of the cool, dark winter days, the shedding of heavy coats, the transition into the warm, sunnier days which precede the summer season. Spring promises new beginnings, fresh starts, and, with it, a cacophony of uplifting scent. Why do I need a new spring perfume? Now that the days are getting so much lighter and brighter, and with so many sumptuous floral notes in the air as spring blooms around us, it's natural to start feeling as though your go-to winter fragrances are simply too heavy for these warmer days, and could be set aside in lieu of light spring scents which better suit the new season. ...

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The different ways to wear perfume

At Aequill, we're big fans of the emotive benefits that fragrances offer, and how various scents combine to form the unique way any given perfume smells; from layering fragrances to finding your signature scent, there are so many ways to wear perfume and enjoy scent! That's why, today, we're sharing a little more information about the different ways to wear perfume, including the easiest ways to incorporate scent into your beauty routine, where to spray perfume, and how to ensure the fragrance lasts when you do apply it. We'll also be looking at alternative ways to use your favourite scent, too! The different types of perfume and scent When it comes to wearing fragrances, there's always a huge variety of...

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Eau de parfum: 10 unique scents you might not have heard of

Aequill was born out of one thing: a love of the emotional power of scent. It's why all of our products utilise a blend of raw, refined, and natural materials, to allow the emotive benefits of the incredible fragrances to truly shine. It's probably unsurprising, then, that our founder is incredibly passionate about fragrance, and is constantly seeking out contemporary, pioneering scents, and the talented perfumers that make them. That's why, a few years ago, she spent the day at 'Perfume: A Sensory Journey through Contemporary Scent' in Somerset House, London Perfume: A Sensory Journey through Contemporary Scent This exhibition sought to share 10 unique, groundbreaking creations in the world of eau de parfum, and the pioneers that created them....

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