Wholesale Scented Candles | aequill

Thank you for your interest in stocking Aequill's scented candles, fragrance, and home scents, where we're able to offer our reed diffusers, room perfumes, and jar candles in bulk. We're so pleased that you're interested in becoming a stockist of our products. We've outlined some information about our wholesale process and products below, and you'll also find a contact form to be able to get in touch with us to discuss stocking our products.

Who are aequill?

Aequill, founded by Thai-British perfumer Jintana Khieochaum, is an independent perfume house based in East London, where each of our products are made, poured, and prepared.

As contemporary artisans, our products are handmade in small batches, with a blend of raw, natural, and refined materials going in to our scented candles, home scents and fragrances, to create a truly holistic range.

Within our small team, we utilise traditional methods to ensure that our products are consistently high-quality, and that each product is full of our standard emotive benefits.

Since Aequill was formed in 2017, we've gained a strong, loyal following of customers who have fallen in love with our products, and some truly incredible retailers who stock our range.

Currently, the Aequill range of products comprises of our first - and core - collection, the Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop Home Fragrance Range. This range combines high quality scents to help provide emotional benefits and combat the stresses of every day.

Our products and packaging are also all eco-friendly and ethically conscious, so that no plastics or potentially damaging materials are utilised in the production or shipping processes.

Which stockists do aequill work with?

When it comes to our incredible retail partners, we work with both independent boutique stores and national retailers, and are truly proud to have established these long-term relationships, to ensure more homes are able to enjoy our incredible selection of products.

At Aequill, we are always keen to be able to work with new stockists, and are able to provide our full selection for retailers throughout the UK. We're able to offer our scented candles, fragrance, and home scents in bulk, and with wholesale pricing.

We welcome a range of stockists from the UK to get in touch about our wholesale pricing, which you can do by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How can my business stock aequill products?

We welcome retailers of any size to stock our products - either the full range we currently offer, or a selection of some of our scents or items.

All Aequill products are hand-poured, in small batches, to ensure high-quality, emotive, beneficial products, and this remains true regardless of the quantity in which the products are ordered, which means that our stockists do still get to enjoy the high calibre of our products.

Currently, Aequill products are only stocked in the UK, but we do of course welcome queries from International businesses, to discuss logistic and practical requirements.

If you are interested in becoming one of our wonderful stockists of Aequill, we ask that you please fill out the contact form which you'll find below. We'll then be in touch with you as soon as we can, to discuss our ability to provide you with our full range of reed diffusers, room perfumes, and jar candles in bulk.