Mimosa Fragrance eau de parfum
Mimosa eau de parfum
Mimosa Perfume

SOUND 2 - Eau de Parfum

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Bright summer’s morning
Flowers exploding in song
Three birds flying high 

Above our heads in the mimosa tree, birds sing songs of summertime. With our feet on the ground we laugh and gossip joyously, dazzled by glimmers of the morning sun.  

A bright and uplifting fragrance bursting with sicilian citrus and mimosa, dappled by cool shadows of white flowers and amber.

Top; Sicilian Citrus, Saffron, Honey, Mimosa
Middle; Jasmine, Narcissus, Magnolia, Violet Leaf
Base; Cedarwood, Amber

    We're so excited to share one of our latest additions of new fragrance with you: meet our stunning mimosa fragrance, a gorgeous floral scent that's evocative of warm spring; flowers in bloom, sicilian citrus, saffron, honey and warm amber.

    Our sumptuous mimosa fragrance is a fresh but distinctive scent with delicate powdery, soft notes that make it easy to wear at all times of year, but particularly perfect for the warm spring and summer months. This heady selection of notes allows for a playful floral perfume that perfectly encaptures early spring, and leaves behind a sweet undertone that is likely to make it a firm favourite in your collection. As with all mimosa perfumes, this stunning floral fragrance is steeped in delicate smells of fresh Jasmine, Narcissus, Magnolia, Violet Leaf, and sweet honey, as well as the obvious scent of mimosa flowers themselves.

    Designed to evoke the classically romantic, gentle, loving emotions associated with the feminine, our fresh mimosa fragrance is one that leans itself into the subtle smells of nature, utilising the freshness of floral smells with the sumptuous scent of mimosa absolute in its purest, essential oil form.

    As with all of our gorgeous Aequill scents, this perfume is made from a completely custom blend, making it 100% unique in its scent of flowers, green spaces, and evocative scents of fresh trees.

      There is, of course, no wrong way to wear our gorgeous, distinctive mimosa fragrance - just as there is no truly wrong way to wear any perfumes or scents as a whole - as scent is such a deeply personal aspect of oneself. However, if you're wondering how to increase the longevity of your eau de parfum, or want to ensure you're utilising your perfumes as much as possible, we do have a few tips that may just help.

      Firstly, when applying a perfume, you're going to want to ensure you're spraying it onto your pulse points, as standard: these points are not just your wrists and neck, however! The inside of your elbows and knees are also pulse points, which are likely to help your perfume's wear - and applying some to your hair is a great way to do this, too.

      When wearing any perfumes, you're also going to want to consider how you're layering them with other scents. For example, unless your body wash and moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner are all fragrance-free, they'll likely all have their own underlying notes, which may well impact how your perfume smells in your day-to-day life.

      If you're wanting to try and complement this perfume as much as possible, we'd recommend reaching for fresh, floral fragrances like acacia farnesiana or acacia dealbata, honey, rose, or linden, and supporting scents like freshly crushed cardamom, smooth sandalwood, or tuberose, all of which should work well with mimosa absolute.

      In keeping with all perfumes, we'd strongly suggest keeping your Aequill perfume in its original bottle to prevent contamination, as well as keeping it in a cool, dark place, and trying your best to avoid shaking or otherwise aggravating it prior to use.

        If you haven't yet met our stunning new Aequill perfumes, let us introduce you to our high quality, carefully crafted blends, which are created with a view to providing long-lasting, wearable fragrances which are totally unique.

        As with all of our Aequill products, these perfumes are designed by our expert perfumers, using completely unique blends which utilise a range of techniques embedded in aromatherapy, and also guarantee that our products are truly something special.

        Made with our signature high-quality products, sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, and with small batches in our London-based studio, you can rest safe in the knowledge that our perfumes are simply wonderful.

        We currently have three stunning fragrances available as part of the Aequill perfume range: delicate mimosa, fresh green tea, and incense-like woody fragrances are all exceptional in their own ways; which one will become your new favourite?

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          It's in the air

          This fragrance, as you might expect from the description on the main page, is exceptionally jaunty and uplifting. If I evoked moss in my review of Sound 3 the same has now attracted seed and burst into a mesmerising floral array. If love is the drug then this is it's olfactory equivalent. I'm buzzing from it. A Valentines gift to bestow upon all, including oneself