Eau de Parfum Woody Fragrance
Woody Eau De Parfum
Woody Fragrance Eau de Parfum

SOUND 3 - Eau de Parfum

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Silently watching
Seducing from a distance
A mountain, the moon 

The strong silent type hides in plain sight. Choosing not to speak they are eavesdroppers leaving scent trails distant and magnetic.

A fragrance of polarity encompassing soft citrus, rose wood, and an exuberant oozing of myrrh and precious woods. Clean yet seductive

Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Mandarin
Middle: Neroli, Orange Blossom, Rose Wood
Base; White Musk, Amber, Myrrh, Precious Woods

    Introducing the most sensual of our brand new perfume range: our elusive woody perfume. A fragrance of polarity this combination of  soft citrus in rose wood offers a clean yet seductive allure. An exuberant oozing of myrrh and precious woods that offers a gender neutral, complex smell that is deeply remniscent of soft midnight clouds in white musk and amber. This woody fragrance is mysterious and magnetic.

    As with all woody scents, our woody perfume offers deliberate sprinkle of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Mandarin, and bottom notes of a rich, woody fragrance family, creating a distinctive, rich, and complex aromatic scent profile.

    Designed, like all of our Aequill perfumes, with the emotive benefits of scent at the forefront of all that we do, this woody fragrance is one that we hope imparts a clean yet sensual and complex with scents that serve to maintain their rich base and oud notes for more than a few hours when on the skin.

      Of course, when it comes to perfumes and fragrance as a whole, there's no such thing as a right or wrong way to wear your favourite scents - but, if you're looking to ensure that your fragrance lasts as long as possible, we do have a couple of tips that might just help you to make sure that it does just that.

      Arguably the most important part of applying your perfume or fragrance of choice is where you apply it; a spray or two over your pulse points is one of the most sure-fire ways to ensure that your perfume is long-lasting. This doesn't just mean your wrists and the base of your neck, though - a lot of people, when applying fragrance, forget to ensure they spray the insides of their elbows and knees, too - make sure you don't scrimp on these areas! You might also want to spray some of your scent on your hair, too , as when you move throughout the day, this will allow for a fresh wave of scent.

      Naturally, the other thing you're going to want to consider when it comes to wearing such a rich, warm, scent with woody notes, is how you're layering this scent with other fragrances. Most shower gels or body moisturisers are scented, so they will have an impact on the perfume you choose to wear - especially if it's a rich scent with woody notes.

      The best thing to do, here, is to simply try adding your woody scent to your daily routine, and seeing how it interacts with your usual fragrances.

      If you're finding that the fragrances of your current products aren't working well with your woody perfume once layered together, we'd recommend trying to incorporate more complementary fragrances into your routine; earthy scent, woody citrus or woody floral, rich vetiver, black tea, sandalwood, cedar or black amber are all notes which work very well with woody perfumes, so it's worth working these into your routine if you're wanting the perfect combinations.

      We'd always recommend storing all perfumes in their original bottles, to prevent the impact of oxidisation, keeping them in a cool dry place, and avoiding shaking or in other ways disturbing the perfume prior to use.

        Our new perfumes offer the standard Aequill high quality, carefully crafted, 100% custom blended scents that are completely unique, and are designed to be long-lasting and totally wearable.

        These perfumes are designed, like all of our products, in our London studio, by our expert perfumers who are deeply versed in the benefits of aromatherapy and the emotive benefits of scent. All of our products use ingredients that are of the highest possible quality, and are packaged in our standard eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.

        There are currently three stunning scents available in our brand new range of Aequill perfumes: our woody perfume, mimosa perfume, and green tea perfume - so there's something for everyone! Which one is about to become your new favourite scent?

          Customer Reviews

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          Eloise Charreyron
          Mesmerizing smell

          I first came across Jintana’s lovely silence perfume at London Fields. I loved the concept of evoking silence through scent, and I found the deep and multi-layered fragrance mesmerizing. Seeking to avoid a rash purchase , I let this scent ‘sit’ for a while. A year later, I found myself still thinking about Silence, not even sure I recollected the actual smell and rather the broader feeling it had left me with.

          I’m very happy with my purchase and look forward to discovering Jintana’s new creations.

          marc muir
          A stationary stone

          The sound of silence is an intriguing concept for a scent, and as such constituted my introduction to the range. I had no idea what to expect, or even how to start. As opposed to silence, which is almost never devoid of sound, is forever random, and entirely accidental, this is a scent that has a scent and is wholly intentional, but how to describe or evoke it? Grass, of the lawn, was my initial thought, although it doesn't smell like grass at all. There is an overall greenness, I suppose, as of something newly mown, or ambling through a field when the sun is low, casting aroma into the air. It is how one might imagine moss would smell, not when the nose is tucked up close, but when seen upon a terrain that spreads beyond the feet, and if a rolling stone gathers no moss, so a stationary one would be enveloped by, and would impart to your soul this fragrance. It is the dawn of Spring