Our artist in residence: an interview with Ekaterina Adelskaya

Artist in residence Programme London

My name is Jintana, it has always been my dream to create beautiful and thoughtful pieces of work in collaboration with talented people. I met Ekaterina (or Kate as we now know her) after being introduced through Ecka, (read her interview here.) Ecka was the first to join our artist in residence programme back in 2020. After seeing Kate's stunning work, I quickly noticed our shared interests in materials. In this interview I deep dive into her thinking, her work for aequill, inspirations and how she intends on taking over the art world.

Could you tell us about working with aequill? 
I’ve always been interested in scents. Fragrance composition, for me, is a true art form, so naturally, I’m excited to work with Jin, the founder of aequill, Ecka the in-house perfumer and the rest of the team, who share the same enthusiasm for scents and fragrances. Jin organised a multidisciplinary “artist in residence” programme with a fantastic team of creatives, experimenting how we perceive fragrances, visualise them and internalise their aesthetic traits.

What do you like about the new range of perfumes “Sound”? 
I love that all scent compositions are unisex, balancing delicate and bold notes, I think they are highly evocative, so much so that I can sense the “stories” behind them. “Sound 01" (tea ceremony), for example, throws me in an “oriental moment” with its refreshing zesty calmness. The springy fragrance - “Sound 2” (birdsong) is like a fresh-cut mimosa that slowly opens its elegance in stark contrast with woody undertones. “Sound 3” (silence) is like drifting into a warm Marrakech market with its swathes of resins and spices. With such evocative scents, it was fascinating for me to experiment with the design for the perfume caps and translate such evocative power into a bright triptych.

Fine Art Sculptor
Could you tell us what you’ve been working on?
 I’ve designed the perfume caps for the aequill’s new series of fragrances “Sound”, created by artist Ecka Mordecai. Since this was the theme, I’ve incorporated the notion of sound in my caps design.
What was the inspiration behind the sculpture and how does it represent sound?
In my artistic practice I often use burning techniques for my sculptures, so naturally I’ve used a similar heating method. Heat and sound have some parallels between each other as they are both forces that move particles of matter, often visible in the waving patterns they create.
I wanted to combine patterns that can be found in nature and the result is something that looks organic, alive, carrying the marks of natural transformations, I tried to represent the beauty of natural wind erosions on stone, water ripples on lakes and melting ice.

What’s your next project at aequill and what is the inspiration behind it?
The next project is still in the early stages, but I think it will be something to do with wax sculptures.
Where are you from?
I was born in Moscow during the USSR, but I’ve lived in London since 2012.

London Fine Artist
What inspires you?
I’m inspired in my practice by the beauty of destructive creation, the notion that what is traditionally seen as decay and disintegration is in fact an opportunity to create new forms, these are the foundations of my own creative expression and aesthetic.
Describe your most recent exhibition and work?
In December 2021 I’ve participated in a group show at Zil Gallery in Moscow, with my new large-scale installation “Crystalised” made of 100 cone-shaped textile sculptures ranging from 1 to 50 cm in height. I was researching the relationship between prehistoric times of stalagmites in caves and the modern phenomenon of so-called "plastification” of the planet. All fabric sculptures were made of melted synthetic fabric holding their shape without the use of stitches or glue. It’s an invitation to reflect on how mankind is leaving its mark in the world, transforming natural organic surroundings into a new synthetic biosphere.

When is your next exhibition?
Not a date yet, but after taking part in several group shows around the UK, I’m now preparing my first solo show in London.
Where else can people see your work?
my website:  www.adelskaya.com
instagram: @adelskaya_art