Our rose scented candle made for valentines day

Valentine's Day Gift

Why is the Rose Candle perfect for Valentines?

There's just something totally special about rose scented candles. With a feminine, delicate, and gentle scent, this particular fragrance of roses has long been considered a classic - and it's clearly for good reason! Although, for a brief period, the scent was considered to be a slightly dated one, there has been an impressive resurgence in recent years making it a perfect valentines gift!

That's why, today, we'll be sharing a little more about our own interesting Aequill Rose Scented Candle, and the unique, fresh blend of scent we've utilised to modernize it, without stripping it of its luxurious credentials. It's our hope that in this piece, you'll see exactly what makes our fresh rose candles so compelling, and why exactly this olfactory experience is such a joyous one.



What makes rose scented candles so special?

A traditional floral fragrance, many consider rose scents to be truly classic, and for good reason; this heady, delicate, aromatic scent is just subtle enough to ensure it can be paired or layered with various other fragrances to create a truly iconic olfactory experience. However, there's no avoiding the fact that, for a brief period of time, the scent was considered slightly dated; it's because of this that leading fragrance professionals have been challenged with updating this once-classic, to create truly original combinations.

The majority of rose candles, then, offer something totally unique; and, as with all products in our Mum's Apothecary Shop collection, they boast their own refreshing emotive benefits. Primarily, this gentle blend is highly likely to support a delicate atmosphere of self-reflection and calm, promoting a gentle feeling of wellbeing.

What goes into the Aequill Rose Scented Candle?

Our sumptuous Aequill Rose Scented Candle offers up a delicate, soft, and slightly feminine fragrance that's the perfect concoction to promote self-love. Making this candle perfect to give or receive as a valentine's gift, but what exactly makes our blend so perfect? We're so glad you asked!

The Aequill Rose Scented Candle is an incredibly elegant blend of rose absolute combined with a gentle hit of rosewood and a refreshing burst of citrusy red mandarin, with the goal of both providing a sense of relaxation and calm, and inducing self-love for those who opt to burn it.

Overall, this candle offers up a softer, woody fragrance, which utilises notes of geranium and neroli to create a modern, balanced scent that's equal measures traditional and unique.

What sets Aequill scented candles apart from the rest?

If you've purchased one of our wonderful candles before, you likely know how much thought and care goes into each and every one of them; but, if you haven't yet had the privilege of owning an Aequill candle, let us enlighten you!

Each and every Aequill candle is created with 100% pure essential oil and a mixture of raw, natural, and refined materials, as well as a totally unique in-house fragrance, as well as boasting a whopping 60 hour burn time - what more could you ask for?

All Aequill candles are also hand-poured within our small London studio, to ensure highest possible quality, and are created with a cotton wick to provide a longer burn time, with markedly less soot or smoke each time the candle is lit.

rose scented candle and room spray
Can't wait to get your hands on one of our incredible rose scented candles?

We hope you've enjoyed learning about how special rose scented candles are, and why we're so incredibly proud of our Aequill Rose Scented Candles, in particular. If you'd like to learn a little bit more about our debut collection, Mum's Aromatherapy Shop, you can read more about what led our founder to create such an emotive olfactory experience, as well as her passion for choosing the perfect, energy-supporting scents, here on our About Us page.