How to make perfume | part 1: the art of perfumery

How to make a perfume as a beginnerPhoto by CDC on Unsplash

The world of perfume making is very much a guarded secret for the select few. I believe that revealing how to make a perfume will open a fairer opportunity for everyone who loves perfumery to enjoy and understand the complexity and the artistry behind the process.

There are a lot of miss conceptions about how to become a perfumer - for example that you need to study for years to qualify, or that you need to attend a perfume school in Grasse or that you need a degree in chemistry. Even though I absolutely believe that knowledge is power; to actually learn how to make a perfume none of these statements are true.

There are a few key fundaments when it comes to perfume making basics. Having the right equipment, understanding your materials, sourcing your materials and how to formulate. Have a solid understanding of the praticle aspect is certainly useful however it doesn't showcase the complexity or the entire process of the perfume making journey.

Perfume Making Is Not Easy

There is a lot of science in perfumery and it would help to understand the fundaments of these during the process. There are a lot of restrictions of the type of ingredients that can be used on the skin. Remember that natural ingredients doesn't always mean they are best and strict guidelines are in place in terms of what can be used and how much can be used in your blend. It is truly a fine balance between art, science and understanding of the restricted measures that are in place.

The Art of Perfumery 

Perfume making is an art form. Understanding what you want to create is just as important as the final finished blend. This part helps people understand why you do what you do and connects to your creation on a deeper subliminal level. Unfortunately this part is probably the most difficult to explain. As part of my journey of launching my line I've made a short video in which you can follow me in terms of how this works. Watch the video here.

Over the next few weeks, I will sharing my way of working and creative process to help demystify some of the creative aspect of perfumery. If you like the video please subscribe and hit the belle notification so you'll be notified when I next upload.

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