The different ways to wear perfume

How to wear Perfumes
At Aequill, we're big fans of the emotive benefits that fragrances offer, and how various scents combine to form the unique way any given perfume smells; from layering fragrances to finding your signature scent, there are so many ways to wear perfume and enjoy scent!

That's why, today, we're sharing a little more information about the different ways to wear perfume, including the easiest ways to incorporate scent into your beauty routine, where to spray perfume, and how to ensure the fragrance lasts when you do apply it. We'll also be looking at alternative ways to use your favourite scent, too!

The different types of perfume and scent

When it comes to wearing fragrances, there's always a huge variety of options, depending on your needs: from solid perfume to perfume oils, eau de toilette to body spray, and these will, of course, impact how you'll wear them.

The biggest factor that's likely to impact how you wear a perfume is the strength of the scent and how many sprays it needs to leave a lasting scent. For example, a scented body spray is something you can liberally spray as and when needed, whereas when applying perfume like an eau de cologne or eau de toilette, you'll want to spray perfume between 1 -4 times to ensure your skin holds scent throughout the day.

The emotive benefits of perfume

As we mentioned in our 'benefits of essential oils' blog post, fragrances can have a range of emotional benefits, from soothing lavender to sultry black pepper, the right combination of scents can truly impact your mood - and no more so than in perfume! In fact, in one survey, 90% of women said they feel more confident when wearing a perfume - and given that our sense of smell lives in the same part of the brain as our emotional core, it's probably not surprising that scent can have such an impact on how we're feeling!

Different ways to wear perfume on the skin

Applying perfume correctly

Whilst there isn't necessarily any one way to correctly apply perfume, there are lots of ways you can help make sure a fragrance lasts on your skin longer. Typically, it's recommended to take a hot shower or bath before applying perfume, as this will remove any residual scents from your skin, before following up with an unscented body lotion, which will help the perfume adhere to your skin. It's worth noting that a small amount of petroleum jelly, when applied to the skin, is also considered to increase longevity for perfume, as the fragrance clings to it more than it would on bare skin.

Finally, when it comes to where to spray perfume, you're mostly going to want to focus on your pulse points; these are sections of the skin where your arteries are closest to the surface, and include your wrists, clavicles, inner elbows, behind the ears, and behind the knees. A thin layer of a direct spritz of perfume to each of these points is a great way to make sure the scent lingers, and if you wear your hair long, spraying perfume to the ends of your hair is a great way to keep the scent fresh, too.

Alternative ways to wear perfume

If spraying perfume isn't quite your style, or you're wanting to try something a little different, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate it into your daily routine in a more unconventional way.

For example, adding perfume oils or a couple of drops of eau de cologne to an unscented lotion or to your bath is a great way to incorporate fragrance into your daily routine; likewise, layering fragrances is a great way to really find your signature scent. This goes far beyond spraying perfume, and can include any fragrance, from essential oils, to perfume, to scented natural oils, and allows you to either select products with the same scent to create more of a long-lasting fragrance, or mix and match different perfumes and fragrances to give yourself a unique smell.

We hope you've found this post interesting, and that you're feeling inspired to start mixing up the way you wear perfume! Remember: there's no wrong way to experiment with fragrance and scent, so there's nothing wrong in trying lots of different techniques to get the smell you're going for.