Unveiling the harmonious symphony of unisex fragrances by aequill and artist Ecka Mordecai

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In the realm where fragrance intertwines with sound, aequill's resident artist, Ecka Mordecai, embarked on a remarkable journey to create three unique fragrances for the perfume house's debut release. This innovative approach to perfume composition merges scent and sound, resulting in the eloquently titled 'SOUND' range. Let us delve into the enchanting world where listening meets fine perfume, and explore the transformative phases that brought these unisex fragrances to life.

Phase One: Listening to the Essence

aequill's birthplace, East London, served as a wellspring of inspiration for Mordecai's olfactory voyage. With a deep reverence for their surroundings, she walked the vibrant streets, keenly attuned to the local soundscape. Armed with a combination of field recordings and creative writing, Mordecai captured fragments of the essence that surrounded them, allowing time and place to permeate their senses.

Ecka Mordecai

The scents that accompanied or complemented the soundscape became the focal point of Mordecai's exploration. Taking refuge from spring showers, she found solace in a small cafe, savouring green tea while raindrops gently dappled the window. The flavour and scent of the tea elevated their ability to perceive the melodic dance of the rain, inspiring a fragrance that delicately mirrors a spring shower, enveloping the wearer in its ethereal presence.

Beneath the morning sunshine, Mordecai walked along Regent's Canal, pausing beneath blooming mimosa trees. The symphony of birdsong and laughter intertwined with the honeyed sweetness of the flowers, evoking a sense of joy and harmony. This sensory experience became the inspiration for a fragrance that radiates exuberance, capturing the essence of nature's melodic embrace.

Looking skyward, Mordecai observed aeroplanes silently gliding through cloud formations, igniting their imagination. She envisioned the scents that might exist high above, in the vastness of the atmosphere. In this moment of wonder, the enigmatic allure of silence was born, personified by the mystique of cedarwood. A fragrance emerged, whispering secrets and seducing with its elusive aura, evoking a captivating intrigue.

Phase Two: Exploring the Harmony

With sonic-olfactory events captured, Mordecai embarked on the construction of a scent organ. Employing pure essential oils and aroma molecules, she embarked on a series of scent sketches, each woven around the sonic themes of rain, birdsong, and silence. Equating green tea with rain, mimosa with birdsong, and cedarwood with silence, fragrances emerged that echoed the essence of each olfactory note, harmonising with complimentary sounds.

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The delicate scent of green tea was meticulously crafted to cascade gently, reminiscent of a spring rain, enveloping the wearer with its refreshing presence. Mimosa, the embodiment of birdsong's exuberance, radiated joyously from the skin, infusing the surroundings with its infectious bliss. Cedarwood, personifying silence, emanated a mysterious aura, enticing and alluring, yet almost imperceptible in its movement.

Phase Three: Refining the Symphony

After compiling the initial sketches, Mordecai presented their creations for peer review, initiating a process of refinement. Collaborating with Aequill founder Jintana Khieochaum and an olfactory chemist, she embarked on transforming the initial experiments into industry-standard niche perfumes.

A commitment to excellence guided this refinement process, ensuring the use of top-quality ingredients primarily sourced from natural botanical origins. The alignment of these fragrances with Aequill's foundational home fragrance range, Mum's Aromatherapy Shop, was achieved by presenting each component with utmost accuracy. The result was a nuanced symphony of scents, where the organic intricacies of the olfactory realm harmonised with the melodies of sound.

As Aequill unveils their captivating unisex fragrances, the delicate fusion of scent and sound transcends conventional boundaries. These olfactory masterpieces invite both men and women to experience the transformative power of fragrance. Immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony that Aequill has orchestrated, and indulge in the unisex fragrances that evoke emotions, memories, and a profound connection to the ethereal realm of scent and sound.